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704 Pages!!! Creative Resources for the Early Childhood Classroom (3rd Edition)

704 Pages!!! Creative Resources for the Early Childhood Classroom (3rd Edition)

As you use this guide, you will note that some themes readily lend themselves to particular curriculum areas. As a result, the number of activities listed under each curriculum area will vary from theme to theme. The detailed Introduction that follows is designed to help teachers use the book most effectively. It includes: A discussion on how to develop the curriculum using a thematic approach; A list of possible themes; Suggestions for writing parent letters; Methods for constructing and evaluating creative involvement bulletin boards; and Criteria for selecting children’s books. What’s New in the Third Edition! New Themes and Activities. Over one hundred new activities enrich this third edition. These are spread throughout the book and complement four new themes: ants, containers, eggs, and purple. Each thematic unit begins with a curriculum web. This webbing is designed to inform teachers of the major subconcepts that can be included under each theme. Ideally the teacher will tailor the curriculum to make it developmentally appropriate and meet the needs and interests of her/his children. Revised and Additional Bulletin Boards. The third edition contains some revised as well as four additional bulletin boards. New and Expanded Reference Materials. The sections on books and multimedia which appear at the end of each theme have been carefully researched by Carol Hagness, the Director of the Educational Materials Center, the Pierce Library, University of WisconsinStout. Introduction of Recordings and Songs for Each Thematic Unit. A recording and song section containing music with related concepts has been introduced for each theme where available. Special thanks to Elaine Murphy, Director of Sales and Marketing, Kimbo Educational.