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The Anglo-Saxons - Complete Art Scheme (Year 5/6)

The Anglo-Saxons - Complete Art Scheme (Year 5/6)

This is a unit of work that I have created and delivered to my Year 5 class with great results. About Me: Hello. I am a new specialised art teacher rewriting and delivering art schemes across Key Stage 1 and 2. The following resource is the result of an enormous vision to supply teachers who want to be able to teach art in an effective way that enriches theory, practice and fun. I have made a large effort in making this pack as detailed and logical as possible for anyone to teach. Although checked rigorously, I am not perfect: it will have small mistakes. If there are any major errors that you feel need improving, please feel free to contact me with the email address listed within the lesson plan. What You Need To Know Before Purchasing: (Please be aware of what medium this pack is based on and what important resources you will need) Learning Intention: LI: To create Anglo-Saxon inspired works through a range of mediums. Recommended Artist: Anglo-Saxons Chosen Medium: Printmaking, Sculpture. Elements in Focus: Line, Shape, Colour, Pattern, Form. Curriculum Link: History (Anglo-Saxons) Rights Respecting: Every child has the right to an education... of their own and other cultures (Article 28).Important Resources: • Plastic sleeves (containers for their beads). • Air-dry clay • Cut outs of A-S patterns • lino/Styrofoam sheets • cutting tools/boards • 10meter large roll of paper • Printmaking inks What This Pack Includes: The Anglo-Saxon period reveals unique artefacts. Mainly jewellery, accessories and weaponry are the most evident. Students should research what makes these A-S artefacts unique: their free flowing patters, organic styles and natural influences. They should explore this by referring to the elements of design, looking at: shape, pattern, line and colour. A contrast to other cultures can be very beneficial (Greek). It contains: - 6-8 detailed lesson plans for The Anglo-Saxons, all clearly categorised within the art process of Exploring, Developing, Investigating, Making, Evaluating and Further Developing. - Differentiated targets for each activity (Towards, At, Greater Depth) - An accompanying smartboard display. - Art Theory Pack, including: • Elements/Principles of Design Posters and Colour Theory posters by M.C.Gills • The relevant curriculum used throughout the pack. • Levelling assessment questions (supplier: mrjennings.co.uk) and an SEN P-levelling guide. • Colour Theory smartboard display. Please Note: TES does not support Folder uploads, so I have renamed all the files appropriately.