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Reflection Questions for the end of the day

Reflection Questions for the end of the day

50 reflection questions / prompts for the end of the school day. 50 questions displayed on your choice of cards or strips. Provided in black/white and colour. UK and US spelling (only affected one word – favourite/favorite) 2 cards displayed on each page. 16 strips displayed on each page. Included: ♦ 50 questions on cards - colour ♦ 50 questions on card – black and white ♦ 50 questions on strips - colour ♦ 50 questions on strips – black and white ♦ Additional cards/strips for US spelling A variety of thought-provoking questions that encourage students to reflect on their day at school. Suitable for all age groups. Examples: ♦ What are some ways that you could share your learning with your family and friends? ♦ If your teacher asked you to hand out a certificate today, who would you give it to? What would you write on it? ♦ What could you do tomorrow that might improve someone else’s day at school? ♦ What did you find challenging today? What did you do to manage the challenge? ♦ List 10 things about school that you appreciate. ♦ Did any activities today help you to understand things better than other activities you’ve tried? ♦ If you could have this day again, what would you do differently? What would you do the same? ♦ What school values did you show today? Give examples. ********************************************************************** © Suzanne Welch Teaching Resources