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AP Computer Science A (Version 2) - Slides bundle

AP Computer Science A (Version 2) - Slides bundle

This Bundle includes editable and customizable Powerpoint slides covering the entire AP Computer Science (CS) A Syllabus. The content covered here align to College Board’s progress checks and students can use the slides which include integrated mini activities to prepare for the exam. Format: The Contents of the file are enclosed in an unprotected (compressed) .zip format. Please contact me if you’re having issues uncompressing the files and I can’t send you a copy by e-mail Contents: Data Representation (Beyond AP Content, but useful for understanding the inner-workings of data types and how information is stored on a computer) Introduction to Java and Input/Output (IO) Primitive Types Reference Types Boolean Statements & Control Structures (Conditionals and Loops: There are Flashcards with practice problems for control Structures) String, Wrappers and .Math Class Objects and Classes Arrays 2D Arrays Control Structures Hierarchy - Inheritance and Polymorphism Recursion (There’s an additional video explaining Recursion embedded in the PowerPoint: fibonacci sequence, sequential (linear) search, and binary search) Program Design Pay attention to the “Notes” Section of each slide where answers and teacher notes are included to help guide you if in doubt Preview: The preview document will give you an idea of the structure and contents on the rest of this bundle. Please note The preview document was converted to a PDF due to file size restrictions on TPT, but the bundle includes PowerPoint Files and that a large amount of content has been committed from the preview document. Note: Control Structures reappear multiple times. The First time they appear is so students can learn the basic concepts of loops which allows them to use it in applications. But the next time they appear in more depth and detail. As always your feedback is invaluable and much appreciated. tahaque@gmail.com - Please do not re-distribute the contents of this bundle :)