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An introduction to Digital Photography

An introduction to Digital Photography

A comprehensive introductory unit (6 – 8 weeks) to teach digital photography basics to anyone. Learn photography terminology, understand file formats, take and edit photos for clarity and effect. Showcase your photos in presentations. There is a website, presentations, quizzes, student booklet and assignment activities. Online software that is available to everyone is used – no Photoshop, though this could be incorporated if the teacher thinks it’s helpful. No teacher prep necessary. Teacher directed is best but suitable for self-paced learning. Learner needs digital access to Word, photo and video files and the internet. Activity booklet can be printed or used digitally. (2 versions provided) Pre-Requisites: Previous MS office experience and competency with Word and PowerPoint skills. Competent reading skills with ability to follow instructions is required for this unit. A digital camera to take photos or could be phone. Video Presentation that explains Digital images basics – pixels, measurement, viewing photo files, opening & inserting files, photo file extensions , file formats and their uses, editing photos, vector, raster, scaling, resizing, printing & compressing. Student Activity Booklet Digital cameras vs phone cameras Camera uses Camera settings eg. Flash, HDR Internet research activities Photo tools in Microsoft office – use them to upskill in image management Camera and photography terminology eg macro, aperture, ISO, white balance Photo sizes and ratio Metadata, geotagging, EXIF – search for photo attributes using EXIF info Image file formats – jpg, png, tiff etc Resizing and compressing photos Uploading photos from one device to another Editing photos with online software (Pixlr) for improvement – using tools to edit vibrance, saturation, contrast, clone etc How to take a good photo Take many photos of various genres Image terminology – rule of thirds, depth of field, bokeh, etc Photography conditions – night, cloudy, angle etc View professional photography Edit photos with online software (Pixlr) for creative effects – such as posterize, text, vignette, overlays, clone out unwanted objects, create transparent background, repair photos, add art effects, create animation Images Provided for EXIF activity Image editing activities 4 Digital Photography Assignments (all are designed to be assessments) include 3 presentations to showcase student photography and editing skills Online revision quiz Solutions for All activities in workbook Photo editing in Word Sample solutions for each of the 3 assignment presentations Online quiz – solution automatically provided