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Microsoft Sway

Microsoft Sway

Microsoft Sway is an easy and efficient way to make web presentations quickly – with an online interface that is easy to learn, students can become proficient with its use in a short time. This is a comprehensive unit (3 – 4 weeks) to teach learners how to use Sway. There is an instructional slideshow to explain how to use Sway, a student activity booklet and solutions and a Google quiz. Skills learnt from this unit would enable the learner to create an online presentation of personal or professional nature like an e-portfolio, online resume, photography showcase, newsletter or blog. No teacher prep necessary. Teacher directed learning would be best, but this unit is suitable for self-paced or remote learning. Learner needs a Microsoft account and access to the internet and digital files. The Activity booklet can be printed or viewed digitally. The unit can be completely paperless. Pre-Requisites: Competent computer and internet skills would be desirable. Competent reading skills with ability to follow instructions is required for this unit. Google Chrome, Mozilla or Microsoft Edge browser for creating the online presentations. Microsoft office or 365 should be installed on the student’s computer. Sway Slideshow What is it? Where to Start? How to access it Create new, from a template, from a document, from a topic The Sway interface – storyline, design and play modes Adding content – text, images, videos, media etc. How cards work Uploading and embedding Play, remix, sharing and settings options Student Activity Booklet Overview of Sway Become familiar with Sway’s interface and output Learn the screen layout, menus and tools available in Sway Make multiple Sway presentations - create a Sway from scratch, from a document, from a topic, from a template Use various types of cards – learn their uses Change the design, style and orientation Learn to upload documents Learn to export a Sway Use sharing, collaboration and editing Edit settings for all uses Sample Solutions for appropriate Sways Google Quiz about Sway Copyright Tech 4 All. All rights reserved by author. This product is to be used by the original downloader only. Copying for more than one teacher, classroom, department, school, or educational provider is prohibited. It is for use for one teacher for one class only. If you wish to use it again you must buy it again or purchase multiple copies. Tech 4 All is an independent publisher and is neither affiliated with, nor authorized, sponsored, or approved by, Microsoft Corporation.