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Introduction to percentages

  • Year group: Year 5
  • Term: Spring
  • Topic: Percentages
  • Duration: 1 weeks
  • Keystage: KS2
  • Age Range: 9 to 10 yrs
  • Unit can be taught out of sequence: N
  • Week Range: 11

In this chapter, pupils learn that the concept of per cent relates to the number of parts per hundred.

Pupils are formally introduced to the symbol for per cent (%) and understand that it refers to the number of parts per hundred. They make connections between percentages, fractions and decimals, and go on to write percentages as both a decimal and as a fraction with a denominator of 100.

Through the manipulation of objects and the drawing of diagrams, pupils learn that 100% represents a whole quantity. They know that 1% is1100 , 50% is 50100 and 25% is25100 and relate this to finding fractions of amounts.

Pupils go on to solve problems using their knowledge of percentages and the decimal equivalents of 12, 14, 15, 25, 45.

 Download all percentages chapters as a PDF 

Resources for this topic

White Rose Maths

Fractions, decimals and percentages

Fluency, reasoning and problem solving on writing decimals as percentages and fractions and vice versa.
By WRMaths

Introduction to percentages

Direct link to our Y5 scheme.
By WRMaths

Mathematics Mastery

Introduction to percentages

Developing pupils’ problem solving skills is a key element of the Mathematics Mastery programme.

This task sheet focuses on introduction to percentagesand can be used in two ways. 1. To support parents with their child(ren)’s learning at home, helping them to develop their mathematical understanding beyond the classroom environment. 2. For teachers to use this resource as a basis for a classroom activity, helping pupils to practise and consolidate their understanding.

• Each task is accompanied by guidance to support parents with concepts and methods they may be less familiar with
• For the classroom, you can introduce this as an independent task or in mixed attainment pairs to encourage mathematical discussion

Like what you see?

Mathematics Mastery is a professional development programme for teachers with a mission to transform mathematics education in the UK.

This task is just a taster of the complete classroom resources we offer. We also provide in-depth development training, online CPD, specialist support and assessment tools.

We believe all elements of our programme are vital in creating lasting change – enabling every child to enjoy and succeed in mathematics.

Want to find out more? Check out our free resources and blogs or join an information session.
By Mathematics Mastery

Resources shared by teachers

Year 5 Decimals and Percentages – White Rose Spring Week 10

This pack of resources covers Year 5 decimals and percentages for week 10 of the spring term.

Week 10 includes worksheets and activities on:
- Read and write decimal numbers
- Decimals as fractions
- Understanding thousandths

In the worksheets, decimals are represented in a variety of ways and lend themselves well for use alongside concrete manipulatives and pictorial representations.

The resources include pictorial and abstract representations as well as reasoning and problem solving activities and more open ended problems to support and extend your whole class.

We hope you find these worksheets useful and save you time planning. We aim to produce resources which are of the highest quality - we strongly believe that the visual aspects of these worksheets enable deep understanding of the areas being taught. Once you have used these resources, we would love to hear what worked particularly well and what could be improved on: we often edit our resources.

Please find Y5 Decimals and Percentage Week 11 planning here: https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/year-5-decimals-and-percentages-white-rose-spring-week-11-11820543

Thank you for taking your time to browse this resource!

By MathsteryEducation

Year 5 - Spring - Week 12 - Consolidation - White Rose

Year 5 - Consolidation - Spring Term (Week 12)
This pack recaps on Blocks 1, 2 and 3 of the spring term.
Included in this pack are worksheets that cover all of the small steps for the following:

Multiplication and Division (Block 1 - Weeks 1 to 3):

Multiply 4 digits by 1 digit
Multiply 2 digits (Area model)
Multiply 2 digits by 2digits
Multiply 3 digits by 2 digits
Multiply 4 digits by 2 digits
Divide 4 digits by 1 digit
Divide with remainders

Fractions (Block 2 - Weeks 4 to 9):

Equivalent fractions
Improper fractions to mixed numbers
Mixed numbers to improper fractions
Number sequences
Compare and order fractions less than 1
Compare and order fractions greater than 1
Add and subtract fractions
Add fractions within 1
Add 3 or more fractions
Add fractions
Add mixed numbers
Subtract fractions
Subtract mixed numbers
Subtract – breaking the whole
Subtract 2 mixed numbers
Multiply unit fractions by an integer
Multiply non-unit fractions by an integer
Multiply mixed numbers by integers
Fraction of an amount
Using fractions as operators

Decimals and Percentages (Block 3 - Weeks 10 and 11):

Decimals up to 2 d.p.
Decimals as fractions (1)
Decimals as fractions (2)
Understand thousandths
Thousands as decimals
Rounding decimals
Order and compare decimals
Understand percentages
Percentages as fractions and decimals
Equivalent F.D.P

Note: there are approximately 2 questions for each small step.

PDF format (please set print option to fit).
To ensure the hyperlinks fully work, you must download the Zip file provided and extract the folder to your computer. You must also ensure you have the latest update for your PDF reader.

The resources support a mastery approach to encourage a deeper understanding of the topics taught. It follows a CPA (Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract) approach to ensure all children can access learning. The pack provides pictorial and abstract representations, along with fluency, reasoning, problem solving and open-ended investigation questions. This can be seen in our product previews.

If you have any questions, please email primarystarseducation@gmail.com.

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Thank you,

Primary Stars Education

By PrimaryStarsEducation

Modern Art Maths FDP

A fractions, decimals, percentages conversion activity based around students creating their own works of ‘modern art’ on a hundred grid. The idea was taken from the NCTM article 'Masterpieces to Mathematics&'. Print the grids onto different coloured paper (cut into four) so that students can cut out the squares they require (a lot less time-consuming than doing it all yourself!) Alternatively students can colour in the grids with pencil crayons. There are two extension worksheets using 25 and 64 square grids. Please feedback if you use the resource, thanks! Finally, please note that the comment below about Gerhard Richter is incorrect. All the paintings featured are by Ellsworth Kelly and their titles are included in the notes on the first slide.

By complex_number

Maths Percentage bubbles worksheet

Triangle layout with clear, logical structure. Originally seen in Shahira Ibrahim's resource. Set of six blank triangles to use on one page.
By Neil Adam


A basic colouring exercise to help understanding of percentages
By gking85