The science of future careers: Linking curriculum learning to 21st-century jobs

Globalisation and technology are transforming the employment landscape. At the same time, employers are seeing a shortage of vital skills related to science, technology, engineering and maths (Stem). As a consequence, it’s more important than ever that teachers highlight the connection between the skills learned by studying Stem subjects and the ones needed for a wide range of careers. Many young people know little about the importance of Stem subjects and the exciting future careers these can lead to, and often struggle to link their post-16 choices to these skills and opportunities. We’ve pulled together expert advice on how to dispel the myths about the prospects Stem subjects offer and reinforce a positive message about post-16 Stem education, explaining how business and education can work together to give teachers the support they need to help students succeed.

Whether you’re looking for teaching tips on demonstrating the link between skills and careers or aiming to forge links with industry, you’ll find ideas and inspiration here.



Introduction to Your Life's Future Finder

Draw My Life, Mae Jemison

Guess Work, Lizzie

Stem heroes, Matt Pate

Free downloadable resource​

Future finder

This resource has been designed to help run engaging activities that support students to make the connection between their subject choices and their career. Suitable for students in Years 9-11, it aims to help students to see the exciting opportunities that are open to them by exploring the potential of different combinations of subjects, ensuring they will be fully informed when it comes to their selection.

These activities will illustrate how important subject choice is in the job market and how it’s also important to consider whether jobs are in decline or growing, as growth jobs by their nature offer more opportunity.
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