04th March 2016

Promote your resources and shop even better with these graphics! Just download the 7 graphics from this FREE resource page and use your favorite on social media.

Design your brand.
22nd February 2016

by Steven Moreno, TES Content team member and TES author


Logos are everywhere! They’re all over the foods we buy, clothes we wear, technology we use, and teams we cheer for. They’re nearly everywhere we look! They can be obvious, such as Apple’s apple. Or, they can contain somewhat subliminal messages, like the arrow from the A to Z showing that Amazon sells everything in between.

5 Reasons Why Every Educator Should Start A Blog
21st December 2015

Five reasons why the Internet needs one more education blog…yours.

28th September 2015

Want to increase your downloads and sales on TES? Watch this webinar with Richard Byrne to learn some tips about how to market your teaching materials.


Sell your resources in the U.S.
15th August 2015

The US is home to nearly 4 million teachers. Expand your reach and build your business by adapting your resources for US teachers with these tips on translating key stages, spellings, terminology, and measurements.

15th August 2015

Thinking about going global? Your resources can not only help US teachers in the classroom but also teachers in the UK and worldwide. Take advantage of TES' extensive global network and expand your reach with these tips on translating US grade levels, spellings, key terms, and measurements for UK teachers.

Use social media to promote your resources
15th August 2015

by Gabe Baker

By selling or sharing your resources at TES, you benefit from our massive audience. Teachers are often on other online platforms like Twitter or Pinterest, though, and they use search engines like Google to look for resources online. Don’t despair! You can promote your resources on social platforms to make it easier for others to discover them. If you’re feeling a bit self-conscious about self-promotion, don’t. If you deeply believe in the value of your resource, then help as many teachers as possible discover and benefit from it.

15th August 2015

Once you've uploaded ten premium resources, your TES shop is your storefront. It provides the window dressing that will entice educators to take a closer look at your resources.

14th August 2015

You’ve created an account, uploaded a few resources, and taken a stab at creating your shop. You’re officially a TES author. Now what?