Author origins part II: build your brand

by Emily Schickli

Just as you wouldn’t wear a sandal on one foot and a boot on the other [with the exception of Halloween or a wacky school spirit day], you wouldn’t create a wildly mismatched TES shop and resources.

Your shop is your storefront; just as potential shoppers stroll along Fifth Avenue in New York, the Magnificent Mile in Chicago, or Union Street in San Francisco looking in store windows to see if anything is worth stopping for to check out inside, your TES shop provides the window dressing that will entice educators to take a closer look at your resources.


Build your brand by customizing your shop in four simple steps.


Step 1: Get visual

With your style goals in mind (see author origins part I), upload a cover photo that visually tells educators  about you, your resources, and your business objectives. Sure, you could upload a picture of your Golden Retriever or tabby, but what does Charlie tell educators about your resources?


Step 2: Get personal

Personalize your shop even more by writing a charming and professional bio about yourself under “About the author.” Remember those top five words from Part I? It’s time to riff off of them. You can even include them within your bio as a way to describe your teaching style or resources. Remember to be approachable at the same time as you’re showing off your education chops.


Step 3: Get generous

Why not include a free resource to give folks an opportunity to test out your style and expertise. Your free resource doesn’t need to be your magnum opus, but it should reflect your take on teaching in the classroom enough that educators will want to buy your other resources. It could also be the first part of a more complex resource that you’re making available for sale; in the description, clarify “if you like this, please purchase the full version here!” and provide a link to the premium version of the resource.


Step 4: Get social

Your brand isn’t limited to your shop and resources. Take your newly found TES author voice and apply it across many digital platforms. If you haven’t already, create a dedicated Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram account to market your unique brand, shop, and resources. Make sure to include these links on your shop. For tips on how to use social platforms successfully, check out our article on social media.