15th March 2016

Tips for the #1 problem student-teachers face in the classroom.

01st March 2016

This educator likes to acknowledge exemplary work by tweeting it out to her 21,000+ followers. See how she makes an impact.

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23rd February 2016

By Marissa Engelhard, TES author and guest blogger

How do you help your students connect with the world around them?

Every year, we celebrate Columbus sailing the ocean blue in 1492. While Columbus sailed with the idea that the world was not flat, Thomas Friedman's popular book, The World is Flat, brings up some valid points against this explorer. Technology has leveled the playing field in business, and students need skills that allow them to relate to their peers outside of the four walls of the classroom.

Trends in Special Education
18th February 2016

It’s no secret that education is a constantly evolving process, and special education in particular is undergoing changes.

Emily, Erica, Gabe, and Steven
18th February 2016

Origin Story:

They were just ordinary people — a latin teacher who traveled the world by boat, a social studies teacher who qualified for the olympic trials, a curriculum writer and English tutor who knit by night, and a biology teacher who taught in Africa and the US — until one fateful day in San Francisco in the year of two thousand and fifteen.

Blendspace tips with Marcy Prager
17th February 2016

TES Teach and TES author Marcy Prager has been a public school primary teacher for over 38 years in the Boston area.

We interviewed her because of the fantastic and engaging TES Teach lessons that she's created on TES. Learn how she uses TES Teach to teach the Constitution to fifth graders, below.

Class as Experience
11th February 2016

This teacher started viewing her classes as an experience instead of a series of objectives and it changed her perspective.

MasterChef - A Model for Good Teaching?
20th January 2016

This teacher's guilty pleasure, MasterChef Junior, serves as a model for good teaching.

parenting in the social age
11th January 2016

They say that humans are social creatures — and because of tech, that’s more true now than it’s been at any point in human history.

Authentic Learning
05th January 2016

by Geneva Chapman, TES author and guest blogger

Many assume that authentic learning or addressing real-world problems is limited to community service projects in schools, when activities with authenticity actually do not require a problem or public service. Sometimes, authentic learning activities can be as simple as mounting a theatrical production, such as an elementary school version of the holiday favorite The Nutcracker.