Meet the Team Behind the Emails

Origin Story:

They were just ordinary people — a latin teacher who traveled the world by boat, a social studies teacher who qualified for the olympic trials, a curriculum writer and English tutor who knit by night, and a biology teacher who taught in Africa and the US — until one fateful day in San Francisco in the year of two thousand and fifteen.

Together, they entered the James Lick Baths House, originally created in 1819, on their first day of a new adventure: working for TES. As soon as their feet hit the first steps up to the second floor, the air rippled with anticipation (and a little magic). They knew that the building’s brick walls had stories to tell of earthquakes and fires of years past, but they realized today that it also foretold the transformation of the education world. Soon, they would become a part of it too. As they continued to climb to the second floor, their arms and legs began to feel a bit peculiar. The feeling began to spread to their core and seep up to their brains. By the time they reached the door to the second floor, they were different. You see, dear reader, they had evolved...

...into a team.

Meet the Team

Gabe Baker aka "Gabraham Lincoln"

Content guru

Taught in past life: Latin, English, and Social Studies, grades 6-9

Teaching Superpower: Reviving: bringing old languages and literature to life; Favorite-Squashing: treating ALL students with dignity and respect; Technification: using technology to help the class interact with the world at large!

TES Superpowers: Superhero Support: supporting our superhero authors; Wordflow: writing blog posts and reviewing resources; and Bug-crushing: organizing feedback and advocating for issues to be fixed; The Force: keeping everyone up-to-date with Star Wars news; and Clutter Time: carefully maintaining the most cluttered desk in San Francisco.

Kryptonite: Early meetings, people that say Latin is dead, and cabbage.

Way to Recharge: Powernaps, peanut butter cookies, making music, and watching Star Wars.




Steven Moreno aka "Time Traveler"

Content guru

Taught in past life: US History (11 years), Economics / American Government (9 years), Modern European History (1 year), Teacher Professional Development (2 years)

Teaching Superpowers: Time Travel (without a DeLorean): to shock students’ minds with the reality of history; Connector: finding a way to connect social studies to random topics in our lives; Remember-All: remembering what we were talking about before going off on a tangent; Inspirorian: inspiring a love for history; Dr. Frankenstein: making writers out of those who thought they couldn’t be; and LOL-inducer having way too much fun in class.

TES Superpowers: Superhero Champion: Engaging with teacher authors and problem-solving; Super Sleuther: finding great resources to feature and writing witty resource reviews; Flying through the Air(waves): video reviewing resources in a single take; and Social King: tweeting @greatauthors.

Kryptonite: Having to use only one space after a period (since I grew up of using two back in the day).

Way to Recharge: Running, photography, graphic design, and time travel (via movies and books).




Erica Magnusson aka "The Collector"

Content guru

Taught in past life:Advanced Biology (4 yrs), Advisory (4 yrs), Leadership/Student Government (2 yrs)

Teaching Superpower: Classroom Clairvoyance: "yes, I saw you texting while I was writing on the board;" Education Regeneration: re-mixing your favorite song into Biology vocabulary to inspire moments where students come in early to discuss science current events; Biokinesis: turning saliva into DNA necklaces..I know you want one; High School Healing factor: turning embarrassing moments into epic memories.

TES Superpowers: Author Nuclear Fusion: bringing out the shine of TES authors through Featured Author interviews, and Teacher Stories; Pun Immortality I make horrible science puns, but only periodically; Resource Megazord combining the forces of out of this world's resources into a powerful collection for the homepage and Pinterest.

Kryptonite: “Awesome!” When I get excited I can’t help but clasp my hands, and say “awesome”... you learn a lot about yourself after editing out thousands of “awesome” teacher interviews.

Way to Recharge: Hiking, skiing, and learning to cook.




Emily Schickli aka "Flow Write-ah"

Email maven

Taught in past lifeTutored Writing / English / ESL / History 6-12 (2yrs) and Writing Across the Curriculum / ESL undergraduate (3yrs), and taught Writing Across the Curriculum / Interdisciplinary project-based learning K-8 (1 yr).

Teaching Superpowers: Book Worm: fostering an excitement for and engagement with reading and writing at all levels and differentiating for learning styles and abilities; The Thinker: facilitating critical thinking and literary analysis skills through discussion; Cheerleader: helping students discover what excites them in a text; Structure Sleuth: coaching students on how to translate their excitement into a complex thesis and supported argument.

TES Superpowers: Email Magic: crafting engaging marketing and newsletter emails; Emoji Riddles: creating emoji puzzles, Coffee Seeker: instigating coffee excursions, Content Collaborator: facilitating projects across content and marketing, and Flow Writer: writing and editing blog posts and site copy.

Kryptonite: commuting on the train, people who don’t spell check, email bugs, and heaters that don’t work.

Way to Recharge: reading, creative writing, hiking, yoga, knitting, coffee, and bad tv.