08th April 2016

by Gabe Baker and Emily Schickli

Help educators everywhere by sharing your innovative TES Teach lessons with them on the two main social platforms that make it easy: Twitter and Facebook. Of course, sharing goes two ways! By connecting with other educators, you get inspiration for creating and using lessons in new ways too.

Magnifying glass
02nd February 2016

By Emily Schickli, TES Marketing Team

It’s probably the last thing you want to hear when you’re trying to get to your destination, and yet we’ve all heard it before: “please, make a U-turn.” Ugh. Sometimes, we all need a little GPS to get around, even when it comes to the marketplace.

Did you ever read those Goosebumps choose-your-own adventure books? Don’t worry, we’re not going to throw some ghouls and ghosts your way. However, there are some similarities when searching for resources on TES: you can take several paths. Yep, you guessed it, we’re giving you the TES version of a choose-your-own-adventure story.

Shake Up Learning - Get Started with Google Classroom
27th January 2016

by Kasey Bell, TES author and guest blogger

Ready to Get Started with Google Classroom?

Google Classroom is a free application designed by Google to help students and teachers communicate, collaborate, organize and manage assignments, go paperless, and much more! This is the ONLY application that Google has developed specifically for students and teachers, and they want it to be your go-to assignment manager for Google Drive and beyond.

Personalize Learning with Blendspace
26th January 2016

By Rachelle Poth (TES/TES Teach author) and Betty Ho (TES Teach Marketing)

Learn how to personalize learning using TES Teach with Rachelle Poth, a high school foreign language teacher outside of Pittsburgh.

In the video below, Rachelle shares how she uses TES Teach to provide personalized learning opportunities for her students and give them a sense of choice and ownership over their own educations.

Using Blendspace in the "Lean" Classroom
02nd December 2015

By Gabe Baker, Content team

Startup philosophies aren’t just for techies anymore. Skilled teachers around the globe are applying a startup mentality to their classrooms: build something fast, gather feedback from students, refine, and repeat. You don’t need to have read the book that started it all: The Lean Startup, by Eric Ries, to try the same approach in your own classroom. You can make your class a lean, mean, learning machine with our tool TES Teach, which provides teachers and students a way to create interactive, digital lessons for the classroom.

Get Started with Blendspace
02nd December 2015

by Gabe Baker (Content team) and Betty Ho (Marketing team)

Teachers use plenty of tools on the web to create digital lessons, but few are as simple, powerful, and versatile as TES Teach. This post will guide you through the creation of your first TES Teach lesson and share a variety of ways you and your students can use this fantastic tool in and out of the classroom. We also have a quick start guide and video if you want a shorter introduction.

selling resources
20th October 2015

Scratching your head on how to start selling resources on TES? Follow these steps to get your first uploads out and noticed in the marketplace. With our 100% royalty program, you’ll earn every dollar that buyers in the US spend on your resources.

28th September 2015

Watch our how-to video below or here for guidelines on uploading resources into the marketplace.


16th August 2015

by Erica Magnusson

Need help getting started?

Make your resource stand out with a landscape cover page that includes:

15th August 2015

by Erica Magnusson

Looking for an exemplar? Look no further. This guide is here to help you take your resource from a B+ to an A+ in a few quick and easy ways!

You have a great worksheet -- you love it, your students love it, your principal loves it, but now how do you make the world love it (and buy it)? As a TES author, you have a lot of options on how to format and present your resources.