Dale Duncan and student
03rd May 2016

By Emily Schickli and Erica Magnusson from TES

This article was originally published on EdSurge.

Teachers are epic multi-taskers—they do it every day and in different ways. Dale Duncan is one such teacher, and so it’s hard to put a label on him. He’s a musician, teacher, gold medal winning aerobic gymnast, and now—a teacherpreneur.

Technology provides more learning opportunities for students
07th March 2016

Kerry Gallagher is a Digital Learning Specialist at St. John’s Prep in Danvers Massachusetts and Director of K-12 Education for ConnectSafely.org, and she serves on our Teacher Advisory Board for TES.

I think when we talk about technology in the classroom, we aren’t always asking the right question. Instead of asking, “How can we use technology for learning?” Let’s ask, “What learning does technology make possible?”

Allow me to elaborate. Let’s take a look at some important types of learning in the classroom that technology makes possible.

Teacher uses money earned from TES to help daughter
26th January 2016

By Richard Vaughn

This TES author success story was written and originally published by our editorial team in the UK. We're republishing it here to celebrate author success from across the sea!

A teacher who made £6,000 selling his lesson plans to other teachers has used the money to help pay the deposit for his daughter’s house.

11th January 2016

By Amy Lin

Amy Lin, head of product for us here at TES, was just featured in the Forbes 30 under 30 in the education category, and we couldn't be more proud of her. She also wrote this article for techcrunch all about the rise of edtech and it's impact on education. Whether you're a close friend of the industry or a new acquaintance, Amy's article is a great way to pick up some tips and extra insight. 

In 2015, the investing community sat up and took notice of edtech. LinkedIn acquired Lynda, and ever since, more analysts have been meticulously studying the growth of edtech funding and innovation.

Virtual Reality
17th December 2015

by Gabe Baker, Content team

Teachers are getting excited about upcoming virtual reality hardware and experiences, and plenty of companies are vying for attention in the space. Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, and Sony all have new hardware offerings in the late development stage. While early attention has focused on using these tools for video games or other entertainment, I’m more interested in the way that these immersive headsets can be used for learning purposes, and how educational content and environments can be created for them. I think the potential is extraordinary.

Global Education Conference
08th December 2015

We're proud to have helped sponsor the Teacher Strand of the Global Education Conference 2015, a collaborative, free, online conference that features education thought leaders as they present projects that connect educators, classrooms, and organizations.

Tools for the Global Educator
30th November 2015

by Anne Mirtschin, Guest blogger

A global educator is one who is connected and networked to other educators and classrooms across the world. They willingly share their learning space and culture with the world by using a range of technology, tools and apps. Global educators are passionate about students developing a collaborative understanding of other cultures, religions, ideologies, shared passions and global challenges through their connections, video conferences and global projects. They facilitate increased awareness, perception, knowledge, empathy and understanding of others.

TES in the news
24th November 2015

Compiled by Emily Schickli, Marketing Communications Manager

Excerpts from EdSurge’s article by Patrícia Gomes

TES and a few of our authors were featured in a recent EdSurge piece that showcases the next big thing for teachers to build their networks and enhance their salaries: marketplaces for educators. (Hey, we’ve got one of those!)

4 tools for educators in celebration of International Education Week
18th November 2015

By the AFS-USA in honor of International Education Week

This fall, International Education leader AFS-USA is doing more to bring the world into US classrooms with an assortment of new global learning resources for middle and high school students. Designed with the needs of both students and teachers in mind, these resources foster 21st century skills while also fulfilling Common Core requirements and, in some cases, complementing traditional Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) curricula.

02nd October 2015

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On Sunday, October 4th and on Monday, October 5th, World Teachers' Day, the TES community tweeted with the  about their reasons for or favorite thing about teaching  to celebrate the profession, and received a $5 voucher to spend on TES resources. View their story.