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Collection TESgiving - stuffing your classroom with resources


  • November 20, 2015

Delight your students by stuffing your classroom with these Thanksgiving themed resources. From pumpkin pie fractions to Mayflower webquests, no matter who is at the table, everyone can feast.

Erica's Review: Good for a hands-on project that combines math, writing, reading, and art into one spectacular display. Johnallisha’s classroom-tested kit comes complete with everything you need to get your students excited and involved in this immersive adventure!

Steven’s Review: Good for having fun with fractions. WifeTeacherMommy’s Thanksgiving resource (one of many) has your students identifying, drawing, and solving fractions…all with a pie theme!

Gabe’s Review: Good for Thanksgiving themed math and literacy. Kkgaine’s activity pack has over 55 pages of games, graphic organizers, recipes, and more, including math and literacy activities!

Erica's Review: Good for adding dramatic flair to one’s classroom. Gail Hennessey’s Reader’s Theater Script will take students on a dramatic trip into the life of a pilgrim, "Love Brewster." Watch students’ reading skills and confidence grow as they portray historical characters.

Steven’s Review: Good for encouraging critical thinking. In groovingup’s document-based question (DBQ) assessment, students must weigh the pros and cons of the impact of European exploration on Native Americans and Africans. This challenging essay assignment requires students to think critically about the past.

Gabe's Review: Good for analyzing evidence. Students examine historical artifacts, both past and present, by comparing a painted animal skin with Disney’s Pocahontas to learn about Native American life.

Erica’s Review: Good for developing historical empathy. Ms Mc’s webquest will help students understand the struggles that passengers on the Mayflower experienced. They'll also develop their research and computer skills!

Steven's Review: Good for predicting meaning and comprehension. Sombra1230’s Spanish Thanksgiving activities have students watch and transcribe a video about the history of Thanksgiving to predict meaning of new vocabulary words.

Gabe’s Review: Good for engaging students with history. Students will gobble up diyenglish’s history of Thanksgiving wiki as they complete a webquest and watch a hilarious turkey video.

Erica's Review: Get technical with Joe Watson’s Thanksgiving Blendspace. It gives students the opportunity to watch videos about Thanksgiving, create a turkey hand with a friend and share their thanks.