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Are you passionate about education? Do you like helping others? Are you interested in earning extra cash or learning how to build a business?

What makes TES different from other resource marketplaces?



Earn cash for every resource you sell, there's no limit to the amount of royalty you can earn.


A global community

Connect with and learn from the largest network of teachers in the world, with more than 7 million users in 279 countries.


Smart strategies

Find articles, tools, and more in a hub created specifically to help authors build a brand and master marketing techniques.


What do TES authors do?

  • Exactly what you already do best: teach! TES authors are educators like you who realize the value of their original teaching resources and want to share them with fellow teachers to help save time, money, and (sometimes) sanity.
  • The TES marketplace provides teachers across the globe with one place to upload, share, sell, and discover high-quality teaching resources. TES authors also support, educate, and inspire each other to make a difference.

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Curious for more? Bolster your downloads and sales with these tips, templates, and articles about creating successful teaching resources.

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Ready to take it to the next level? Reach more educators by building a unique brand, promoting your resources, and expanding into our global marketplace outside the US.

Teachers' lounge

Looking for inspiration? Take a look into the minds of successful authors and educators by reading their guest blog posts and our featured author interviews.


Wanting to try something new? Check out these top teaching trends and learn about the most sought-after resources to create resources educators want.