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Meet Emily, she’s a young mum of two, and she started selling her teaching resources in 2016 to supplement her income. And boy did it work, she’s now had her lesson plans downloaded over 215,000 times in 105 countries, and is making the big bucks she dreamed of. There’s nothing to stop you doing the same.

Right now educators across the world are looking for resources to help them teach English, Math and all elementary subjects. And the most wanted resources for high school in October include:

Math: fractions, probability, algebra, time, place value, measurement, trigonometry, money
English: poetry, persuasive writing, comprehension
Assessment and marking for GCSE

Math: place value, algebra, algebraic manipulation, perimeter and area, geometry, fractions, calculus, multiplication, decimals, percentage, equivalence
English: fiction, phonics, guided reading, ESL, poetry, language and linguistics, research and essay skills, creative writing
French: verbs and tenses, food and drink, free time activities, family, non-fiction
Spanish: verbs and tenses, adjectives and adverbs, nouns and pronouns


English: poetry, persuasive writing, drama, comprehension, ESL teaching resources, Romeo and Juliet
Math: fractions, money, probability, angles, time, place value, volume
Science: forces, carbon cycle, energy, evolution, cells

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These inspirational teachers are already selling their resources. You could be next.


Jacqueline was inspired to create her math mysteries after coming across many students who lacked engagement in the math class. She hopes her ready-to-go resources will help teachers to motivate their classes, and be stress-free to use.

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Paul teaches communication English in Japan. He looks for books and historical subjects that he can make a video about, then builds his unique resources around them. His advice to any teacher thinking of selling their resources: go for it!

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Artsy-crafter has uploaded over 120 hands-on craftivities that are educational, enjoyable and respond to teachers’ needs. There’s nothing she likes to do more than crafting, so, for her, success is sharing that love with students around the world.

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