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Caroline, Jill and Alan are hard-working educators just like you. But they also share the resources they put time, energy and care into creating for their students, so that other teachers and children can benefit from their expertise too.

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Caroline Alliston's  (technologyforfun) passion is to inspire the next generation of engineers and scientists by encouraging students to engage with STEM subjects.

Jill Creighton (TeachingWEase) realised that many teachers were being bogged down in teaching grammar, so she created a range of grammar and spelling games that could be printed out and used again and again.

Alan Glasgow (Aglasgow) creates high quality video guides that allow students to learn at a pace that suits them, freeing teachers to circulate and support students where needed.

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These inspirational teachers are already selling their resources. You could be next.


Throughout her teaching career, Jamie has worked with a passion for teaching students how to write effectively and getting them engaged in hands-on activities. Her resources cover a wide range of activities, bundles and tasks for writing in English.

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Tech savvy middle school teacher Amanda enjoys engaging reluctant readers in your classroom. She creates digital novel studies that are always a big hit. She hopes her ready-to-go resources will help teachers to motivate their classes, and be stress-free to use.

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Artsy-crafter has uploaded over 120 hands-on craftivities that are educational, enjoyable and respond to teachers’ needs. There’s nothing she likes to do more than crafting, so, for her, success is sharing that love with students around the world.

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