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Using EdTech to Supercharge Student Inquiry and Multimedia Literacy Skills

Join our free webinar March 14, Monday
7pm EST | 6pm CST | 4pm PST


Using EdTech to Supercharge Student Inquiry and Multimedia Literacy Skills March 14, 7pm EST | 6pm CST | 4pm PST

In the digital age, inquiry and problem-solving can span across a range of media and tools. For this reason, many educational standards, including the Common Core, emphasize the importance of being able to read, write, and interact across a range of media and platforms. This skill is often referred to as "transliteracy."

This free webinar will address how edtech tools like Blendspace by TES can:

  • Help you and your students become more transliterate
  • Foster inquiry-based learning
  • Support standards-aligned approaches to 21st century learning

Webinar led by:

Laura Beltchenko

Laura is a 34-year veteran educator. Currently a professor at National Louis University, she has been a teacher, reading specialist, and district administrator. She was named Lake County IL Innovative Educator and Administrator of the Year by the National Association for Gifted Children.

Steve Hargadon

Steve is the founder of the Learning Revolution Project and the host of the Future of Education interview series. He also leads a number of annual worldwide events, including the School Leadership Summit, Global Education Conference, Library 2.0, and Gaming in Education.


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