Catcher in the Rye Quiz - Chapters 18-20

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This 9-question multiple choice assessment measures comprehension and holds students accountable for reading Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger. An answer key is included. Questions pertain to the following key details:

♦ A plan to meet with Carl Luce for drinks
♦ An observation that calls to mind Allie
♦ Holden's thoughts about joining the military
♦ Holden's characterization of Carl Luce
♦ Holden's line of questioning (lack of maturity)
♦ Holden's decision to get drunk
♦ A drunken phone call to Sally
♦ Dropping and breaking the record
♦ Holden's thoughts about death and his own funeral
♦ A decision to return home

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