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Collection Classroom management tips

Classroom Management Tips

  • October 30th, 2015

As you set your clocks back, reset your classroom routines with these classroom management tips for fast finishers, positive reinforcement strategies, and editable behavior plans.

TES curated bundle: Whether you’re trying to engage a student who’s checked out or tone down the class clown’s antics, these classroom management resources for elementary school teachers will help you enhance your students’ self-awareness and classroom behavior while building real-world skills.

Erica’s review: “I’m done, what do I do now?” Never hear this question again by providing students with the fast finisher choice board!

Erica’s Review: These T-charts teach students volume levels for every area of the building with student friendly look like and sound like strategies.

Gabe's Review: This editable packet includes a parent/student note, expectation handout, class rules, detention sign in sheet, discipline slip, teacher recording sheet, reward tickets and an explanation of the behavior plan.

Ritu’s Review: This system is great for positive reinforcement. It’s visual and students get to interact with a board to see their progress.

Ritu's Review: Simply cut and laminate these awesome headers and place on your chalkboard. Fill in the new information each day to save you a ton of time and keep you organized!

Gabe’s Review: Hang the full page as a poster and laminate the mini's to use as desktop helpers to have students breeze through editing with this simple, effective system.

Gabe's Review: Laurie’s Blendspace lesson gives teachers a quick look into how to use the app Class Dojo in the classroom to help with behavior and engagement. The classroom management tips provided are great!

Erica’s Review: Emily’s Management Classroom Wiki explores 3 techniques: Love and Logic, Positive Behavior Support and Cooperative Discipline.

Ritu's Review: Primary Classroom Management Wiki will provide you with tips for room arrangement, behavior charts, and motivation.