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Collection December Holiday Celebrations Collection

December Holiday Celebrations

  • December 4th, 2015

Get festive this winter with multicultural holiday celebrations! These resources are bound to keep your students engaged (and jolly!) before break.

Erica's Review: Looking for some fun holiday sheets for order of operations review? Use this fun, free, low stress way to practice order of operations!

Steven’s Review: Alice K’s themed “Christmas around the world” is differentiated and includes student rubrics and support structures to meet learning objectives.

Gabe’s Review: Engage students with this project the week before break! Karenmorris05’s hands-on projects reinforce area, perimeter, factor pairs, map skills, and finding and identifying coordinate points on a graph.

Erica's Review: Esteem Learning’s cultural activities have Spanish students learn about traditions around the world and legends in Spanish-speaking cultures. They also have a chance to make ornaments, luminaries, and share what they’ve learned with peers.

Steven’s Review: Mistermitchell3’s Kwanza Common Core ready reading activity has students read about the holiday and apply their new knowledge through comprehension questions.

Gabe's Review: Celebrate the season with WifeTeacherMommy’s Christmas compound words lesson. Resource includes lesson plans, directions for whole and small group games, cards for the games, and 4 engaging holiday worksheets!

Erica’s Review: Katembee’s Pre-K to 2nd grade Hanukkah math and literacy activities feature craftivity, counting Centers, and coloring.

Steven's Review: Engage secondary students after final exams with Mizzfoster’s dimensional analysis. Students’ competition and calculation skills are needed as they help Santa move through a myriad of crazy problems.

Gabe’s Review: Carmel’s Blendspace includes video’s of the story of Hanukkah, and interactive cultural traditions.