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Collection Drawn to Art Collection

Drawn to Art

  • December 26th, 2015

Don’t dilly Dali; Van Gogh to these art resources. From bottle cap art to mosaic design, get your students to gain some perspective in the classroom!

Erica's Review: Vegaslady asks students work collaboratively as a class with each student illustrating a small portion of a famous portrait. The result? A mosaic of the portrait made by many young artists!

Steven’s Review: Students make paper parasols to fit your any theme. These cute parasols will liven up your classroom.

Gabe’s Review: SammyChuckle helps students learn the history of mosaics as they evaluate those from ancient Rome before using the same techniques to create their own!

Erica's Review: Mael Matthews’ step-by-step visual guide leads students to use one-point perspective to produce depth in their drawings. Students start with simple shapes to produce an overall scene.

Steven’s Review: Tcmccann’s investigation will generate rich student conversations about art as they compare ideas, methods, and approaches used by artists in landscape paintings.

Gabe's Review: This interactive PowerPoint introduces proportions and the head as a unit of measure. It has several activities mapped to diverse sports stars such as David Beckham, Venus Williams, and more.

Erica’s Review: In shetland-kat’s class art project, students use bottle caps to create a collaborative work of art. This project is great for helping students build teamwork skills while getting creative.

Steven's Review: Students “Gogh” through the process of understanding the great artist’s techniques, and then they create their own sunflower using oil pastels.

Gabe’s Review: Paul Carney’s Art Teacher's Handbook is a 267 page guide to teaching art to Primary and Secondary students, and it comes with plenty of supporting resources!