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Collection Gettysburg

Remembering the Gettysburg Address (Nov. 19)

  • November 13, 2015

The Civil War was one of the most formative and devastating periods in United States history. For the anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's famous delivery of the Gettysburg Address, browse our collection of TES Resources related to the Civil War.

Erica's review: Have students summarize the causes of the Civil War while exploring the relationship between factors. Students explore political cartoons and primary sources to analyze and evaluate causes of the civil war.

Steven’s review: On April 12th, 1861 the Civil War began.The long and bloody war that ended in 1865, took the lives of over 600,000 soldiers leaving more than 1,100,000 soldiers injured! Learn all about it with Gail Hennessey’s WebQuest.

Gabe’s Review: Students learn to read for information and apply research skills by learning about the three key events of the Civil War through Linda McCormick’s collection of WebQuest.

Erica's Review: Help your ELL students’ knowledge of history grow as they use images to learn the concepts, vocabulary and facts of the Civil War. These fun and differentiated activities from Lonnie Dai Zovi will help students develop their academic English, as well.

Steven’s Review: Katembee’s fantastic collection of Civil War activities will help students enjoy learning the chronology, geography,important people, and vocabulary of the war between North and South.

Gabe's Review: This resource from David Harms is an immersive, role-playing unit that has your students doing group work as they adopt the roles of politicians from various states. This is a great, refreshing way to learn about history.

Erica’s Review: This reading exercise from Lonnie Dai Zovi is a spooky ghost story that exposes students to knowledge about the Civil War, the Battle of Gettysburg, and the make-shift hospitals of the time.

Steven's Review: Get your students thinkin’ creatively and using higher level’s of Bloom’s Taxonomy with Karen Morris’ activities about President Lincoln. An excellent way to enhance students’ learning of the Civil War.

Gabe’s Review: Katie Gaines’ resource bundle features numerous activities to help students appreciate and honor America’s veterans. Through a variety of activities, students can put their math, language arts, and history skills to the test while gaining an appreciation for the service of our veterans.

Erica's Review: Shari’s Blendspace will bring students on a timeline journey through the civil war as they interact with a digital lesson of videos from the Gettysburg Address and educreations!