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11-20 Number practice Book

Number book of the numbers 11-20. Includes counting, number recognition, number writing and 10's and 1's

Great for practicing or specific number interventions
By helenmchapman

Fiction & Non-Fiction Book Report

My Favourite Book activity can be used as a homework task. Pupils use worksheet to create a poster on their favourite book best printed off at A3. Choice of Fiction and Non-fiction format. Book reports are similar format but slightly harder, can be used as extension tasks during literacy.
By tokyo_molly

Parts of a plant & a tree lesson plan & worksheet

Worksheets give children diagrams of a tree and a plant and they need to label their parts.
By SaveTeachersSundays

2D and 3D Shape Worksheets

A selection of worksheets which can help younger children identify and describe the properties of basic 2D and 3D shapes.
By ehazelden

Apostrophes in Contractions

Polly Apostrophe is part of the Punctuation Pirate Crew, the animated ppt shows Polly posting words into her 'Contraction Contraption'. What will the contraction look like when it leaves the machine? Children can make predictions on whiteboards before the new word is revealed.
After each contraction is revealed an animated slide shows what happens inside the machine, the children can watch letters drop away as the two words are pushed together and the apostrophe is added to replace them.

The PPT can be followed by the 'Contraction Contraption' worksheet, there are two variations of the worksheet.

For those using this resource as part of the Punctuation Pirate resource set, there is a Polly apostrophe song and poster included. This lesson works well as a stand alone lesson or as part of series of lessons on the Punctuation Pirates.
By jodyo

Label the Solar System Worksheet

Very simple worksheet I made including the sun and the 8 planets (roughly) to scale. Pupils can label and colour in the planets and sun. Can be easily differentiated by either writing the names of the planets on the board, adding the first letter of the planet to the text boxes, leaving it as is, or just having the sun and asking pupils to draw the planets and label them. Suitable for KS3.
By brynmarshall