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Race - Jesse Owens and the 1936 Olympics

A resource to work with the 2016 feature film Race, which tells the amazing life story of Jesse Owens and his performance at the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin, engaging audiences with the impact of an individual and events on the world stage both 80 years ago and today. This resource should be used with the accompanying Race PowerPoint presentation, which contains clips, stills and prompt questions to support delivery of all the activities outlined in these notes. Through these activities learners can deepen their understanding and critical analysis of these significant historical events and compare interpretations in Race with other sources of information, and in turn create their own pieces of writing, artwork and/or filmmaking to reflect and share ideas on the themes raised in the film.
By IntoFilm

Quiz: The Hobbit by Tolkien (Chapters 13, 14, 15, and 16)

This is a 14-question comprehension assessment in multiple choice format. The corresponding answer key is included. Questions pertain to the following important details:

♦ Bilbo's plans for the Arkenstone
♦ Smaug's assault
♦ The master bowman
♦ The thrush's instructions
♦ Why Lake Town's citizens were furious with their Master
♦ The wood-elves response to the tragedy
♦ Thorin's request of Roac
♦ Thorin on why the adventurers are not liable for damages
♦ Thorin's promise to the people of Lake Town
♦ Dain's plan
♦ Bilbo conspiring with outsiders
By inquiringmind44

French School Subjects & Opinions

Images transferable for other languages/levels. PowerPoint used with Expo Year 8 students to revise school subjects and practise making sentences to achieve level 4. Includes sample timetable, 'Separate the sentence' noughts and crosses *useful icons for the phrases I love/like/don&'t like/hate&'; and example of level 4 conversation that I picked up from another PP here
By MichelleCairns

The Great Gatsby - Chapter-by-chapter Activities


Forms part of the new TES English collection on The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Chapter-by-chapter activities.
By TES English

Quadratic Transformations Matching Game

You have 48 cards - 16 each of graphs, descriptions & equations of quadratics. Students have to match them up to get 16 sets of 3. I copy each set of 16 in a different colour - see answer sheet. Haven't had a class that hasn&'t enjoyed this. Apologies about scans - lost everything in a school fire é only have copies from a friend. Upside of the fire is I discovered Tes!!
By stroevey

French Speaking Mat

NEW VERSION ADDED We print these in A3 and have them on every table in every classroom. I have used suggested phrases from lots of sources as well as my own. The pupils use the mats regularly during group talk activities and their spontaneous use of language has increased significantly.
By Maryjane Bennett