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Atomic Structure Worksheet

A worksheet with all the basics of atomic structure. E.g. details of subatomic particles, mass & atomic numbers.
By kmicklewright

Spanish Preterite Reading Comprehension and Verb Conjugation

Spanish Preterite Tense Practice: Reading Comprehension and Verb Conjugation.

2 Reading Activities to help your students practice reading comprehension and Preterite Tense Verb Conjugation!

“Mis vacaciones” - a verb conjugation rewrite (Teacher Key included!)
“El Cumpleaños de Magdalena” - a verb conjugation rewrite (Teacher Key included!)
AND as a bonus:
Verb Tense Conjugation Worksheet

Perfect addition to your already in place curriculum to supplement what you're teaching! Good for homework, individual work, stations, partner pairs and emergency substitute lessons.

~La Profesora Frida
By LaProfesoraFrida

Bottle Flip Challenge - Physics Lesson

If you can't beat them, join them. Embrace the bottle flip challenge, by doing a lesson on it.

At the end of the lesson we explain the (rather complicated) physics behind the bottle flip challenge. But we start by running a series of very simple activities to help students develop the knowledge they need, before bringing it together in a conclusion about the optimum amount of water needed.

Ideas covered include angular momentum, centre of mass and the coefficient of restitution, but you can easily differentiate this to be "spinniness, stability and bounciness"!

It should be suitable for KS2, KS3, KS4 and KS5!
By alandenton123

DNA Origami

Making an origami DNA model. You can make Black and white and colour models with the attached sheets. Instructions are included. A good idea to make sure you can do it yourself before giving to students! My GCSE and older students enjoyed this very much.
By nomad1970

Dinky King 5 - Pythagorean Platforms

Calculate the missing lengths using Pythagoras and if applicable use trigonometry to find angle of elevation.
By alutwyche

GCSE Carbon Cycle worksheets and A3 wall posters

Always a challenging topic at GCSE, this collection of visual worksheets and posters should help your students get to grips with the Carbon Cycle. There is a worksheet included, available in both colour and black and white for students to complete. Additionally a separate A4 poster for students to complete, also in colour or black and white. There is an answer sheet for the teacher included in the pack, great for non-specialists teaching GCSE Biology.
Perfect for use when both teaching the topic area and also when revising. The worksheet will help students learn the parts of the Carbon Cycle and familiarise themselves with key words.
As a suggestion the resource could be laminated and completed by students using OHP pens and then cleaned off for future use with other pupils. Could even be used as a short progress test with students too.
There are two A3 wall posters, for classroom display, of the completed carbon cycle included too in this pack of resources. The poster comes in both colour and black and white. The black and white version could be coloured in by students if desired.
By beckystoke