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Interior and Exterior Angles of Polygons

These 2 tutorials and 2 worksheets can be used to develop formulae that connect the number of sides, interior angle and exterior angle of a regular polygon the sum of interior and exterior angles in any polygon.
By clairelogan100

CRYPTOZOOLOGY BUNDLE: Dichotomous Key and Student Presentation Project

Excellent bundle for working on dichotomous keys, reviewing dichotomous keys, researching or especially for end of the year activities which keep the students entertained following the AP Biology exam or standardized state testing. This is also a great summer school activity which will take a couple of days for completion.

Cryptozoology Dichotomous Key: Monsters, Spooks, and Ghouls

The students will be entertained with taxonomy over monsters, beasts, mythological creatures and strange diseases. This dichotomous key is a mixture of reality and myth. Students are given 25 organisms they need to identify. I also included two suggestions for extension activities.

I usually use this as a cooperative lesson with my students paired up so they can work the dichotomous key together.

This activity can be used in its power point format to upload to a classroom website and have the students use laptops or iPads to go through the pictures with their dichotomous key and answer sheet in hand. Displaying the pictures of organisms in a power point allows for students to see more details without the loss of clarity that happens so often with photocopied dichotomous keys.

As an instructor you may choose to use the power point for whole class instruction and work through the dichotomous key with all your students participating. This works well with smaller classes, tutoring sessions or as an enrichment activity for the gifted population.

If you do not have a class website or technology for you students you can still use this dichotomous key successfully. The slides can be printed out as task cards. I have placed little centers around the room and had the students move from center to center classifying the organisms. I like this activity because it keeps my hyper students in constant motion. Laminating the cards will give you years of use.

An additional option is to simply print a few slides per page. If you are using color copies you would only need 10-1 sets and have the students work cooperatively. The students do not really need to write on anything except for the answer sheet.

Cryptozoology Student Research Power Point Presentations

Students will each be given a cryptid to research. Cryptids such as Big Foot, the Chupacabra and mermaids can all be easily researched online or through a smart device. Have the students decide whether they believe in it's existence or why they do not. your students must use scientific data to prove or disprove their existence. They must present their finding in an organized well designed power point and be enthusiastic in the presentation.

This bundle includes a list of cryptids, a student question worksheet to help springboard their research and an editable rubric for your grading ease.
By mizzzfoster

The Butter Battle Book - Questions

Students use the classic children's book, The Butter Battle by Dr. Seuss, to apply concepts from the Cold War.
By jyoung121

Forces Unit

A mixture of resources I use for this unit. Some I have made and some have been reworked. All credits are given within the actual documents. I have used a lot of resources from http://mrsimonporter.wikispaces.com/ that I have reworked to suit my style. I cannot take any credit for this work and other resources that are reworked originals. All these are also credited within the documents themself.
By Masfar

Circuit Training Station Cards

Easy printed off, laminated and used for all circuit training lessons. Cards for most activities eg, squats, shuttle runs etc.
By tw23

Spanish Preterit Verb Conjugation Quiz or Worksheet

Spanish Preterit Verb Conjugation Quiz or Worksheet - Students must: 1. Conjugate a regular -ar, -er and -ir verb, plus the verbs ser/ir and hacer. 2. Conjugate jugar, tocar and empezar to show their understanding of irregular yo form verbs in the preterit. 3. Match 6 infinitive verbs: merendar, alquilar, desayunar, preguntar, cenar and subir. This item can also be used to present the preterit conjugations, either with our without the conjugations since the answer key is included and highlights the preterit verb endings in red font.
By suesummersshop