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Label the Solar System Worksheet

Very simple worksheet I made including the sun and the 8 planets (roughly) to scale. Pupils can label and colour in the planets and sun. Can be easily differentiated by either writing the names of the planets on the board, adding the first letter of the planet to the text boxes, leaving it as is, or just having the sun and asking pupils to draw the planets and label them. Suitable for KS3.
By brynmarshall

Holes Novel Study

The entire unit focuses on the Common Core Standards and shift to getting students to use evidence from the text to answer and defend their responses. The structure of my class was a vocabulary mini-lesson, mini-lesson connected to a skill, whole class and independent reading connected to the text. LESSON PLANS ARE IN WORD (AND PDF) FORMAT. This perfect for teachers who like to tweak class activities to the needs of their individual classes. Please note restrictions on commercial use.

The Unit Includes:
25 Original Vocabulary Mini-lessons
24 Lessons (Questions from the chapters, Exit Ticket, Homework)
22 Mini-lessons aligned to skills from the text
4 Extension Activities (Create a Creature, Wanted Ads, Character Traits, Alternative Ending)
Graphic Organizers
1 Character Study Mini-Book (9 pages) for students to track characters
By RaisingRigor

Simplifying Fractions

A straightforward worksheet of questions with a clear example for students to refer to at the top. The differentiated version just has less questions and space to be completed on the sheet if preferred. Hopefully you will find it useful, if so please leave a comment.
By deechadwick

Climate change and the Greenhouse effect worksheet

I made this for a Year 10 group doing the Greenhouse effect as part of P2 in the OCR Science GCSE. Printed/photocopied onto on A3. Can be completed with access to textbooks or with the internet. Includes both PowerPoint slide and JPEG
By Alex Johnston

Fiction & Non-Fiction Book Report

My Favourite Book activity can be used as a homework task. Pupils use worksheet to create a poster on their favourite book best printed off at A3. Choice of Fiction and Non-fiction format. Book reports are similar format but slightly harder, can be used as extension tasks during literacy.
By tokyo_molly

Fidel Castro Biografía ~ Spanish Biography

This reading covers the highlights of the life and times of Fidel Castro. It covers a bit about his childhood, university education, marriages and his takeover of Cuba. This reading is up-to-date mentioning the relaxing of restrictions in 2015 and his death in 2016.

This biography includes a full glossary of new vocabulary, 10 true and false reading comprehension questions and a short guided writing exercise in the preterite tense.
By Nina Schmidt