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Sorting weather/ clothes

Sheets for cutting and sticking or laminating and matching the clothes people would wear in that weather.

By Ibuzzybea

Beginning to Tell the Time - animated PowerPoint teaching resource and worksheet

Beginning to Tell the Time

KS1 Maths Teaching Resources – Beginning to Tell the Time.

In this year 1 teaching resource pupils are introduced to telling the time to the hour and half past the hour as per the statutory requirements of the year 1 maths programme of study (Measurement).

This colourful and animated 50 slide PowerPoint presentation includes interactive activities, link to an introductory video, an accompanying worksheet, making your own clock template and a clock template which can be laminated to use with dry wipe pens.
By Martin Grundy

ch phonics worksheets

4 ch phonics worksheets: 1) circle the correct word (2) join the letters to make the words (3) unscramble the letters (4) word search. There are two versions of each worksheet: a PDF version and editable version
By SaveTeachersSundays

2D shape properties

differentiated shape and their properties worksheet
By jebutler1

Pencil Skills Pattern Cards

A set of 3 sheets with different patterns for developing pencil skills. Activities for straight lines, curves and loops. Each sheet contains a template with partial guidelines and the same template totally blank, allowing you to create your own patterns for learners to follow. The three designs (without blanks) are also available as images. These can be used on any tablet or touch screen device, in conjunction with an art app or program, to further develop motor skills
By tesSpecialNeeds

Superheroes Planning and Resources - EYFS/Reception

Rescue your evenings and weekends with this pack of planning and 26 teaching resources.

The fully editable planning pack meets the requirements of the current EYFS and consists of a medium term overview and detailed short term activity plans.

The medium term overview details possible learning experiences, learning objectives and resources for each of the 7 areas of the EYFS curriculum.

The short term planning consists of a grid for each area of learning, showing learning objectives, resources, learning experiences and 'look, listen and note' guidance. There are 42 learning experiences planned in total, suitable to use over a half term topic.

This topic is aimed at Reception, although it could be adapted for younger children.

Many of the resources support the activities described in the planning pack. They include simple texts to decode, thinking skills games, role play display cards, maths activities, writing frames and more.
By PlanitTeacher