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CVC Word Worksheets

A selection of CVC word worksheets, suitable for Early Years and KS1.
By ehazelden

Match the animals to their habitats

Cut and stick the animals into the correct habitats.
By ruthbentham

Living Things Non-living Things Powerpoint

This living things and non-living things science powerpoint presentation teaches students all about living organisms and non-living things. Included are questionnaire type prompts for students to respond to and the seven characteristics of living
By seaofknowledge

Length Worksheets

A selection of worksheets on measuring and comparing lengths, suitable for Early Years and KS1.

By ehazelden

Onomatopoeia sound bingo

A fun bingo activity on onomatopoeia sounds. Play the mp3 sound files as students listen to the noises to guess the onomatopoeia word. Also includes a "I have, who has" activity and a differentiated review puzzle.

Includes 40 different bingo card.
16 mp3 sound files
16 "I have, who has" matching cards
2 Review puzzles

Other Bingo Activities:
Animal Bingo (1-4)
Space Bingo (4-7)
Antonyms Bingo (1-4)
Onomatopoeia Sound Bingo (1-4)
Christmas Maths Bingo (3-6)
By teachsmartuk

The Very Hungry Caterpillar game

Simple board game, to move hungry caterpillar around board eating all food until he turns into a butterfly. Can also be used as a story telling aid. Includes hungry caterpillar die, and instructions.
By Ibuzzybea