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Colour by Numbers TEACCH Activities

Simple colour by numbers pictures with clear visuals. Fish and Seahorse activities use four colours. Rocket and car activities use six colours.
By tesAutism

Make shape pictures using shapes

Photocopy shape sheet with separated shapes onto card for children to cut and stick- useful for naming and describing 2d shapes. Template of shape picture can be provided for children to aid them- although can be used without for problem solving. Children can extend to making own pictures from different shapes.
By trick2009

Super hero self esteem workbook

Activities consist of:

Creating a superpower to help people
Creating a superhero name
Designing your superhero
How it makes you feel to use your superpowers to help someone
Comparing your favourite superhero to yourself – same and different
The Superhero emotion characters have all been drawn by myself.
By Elsasupport

Simple but Effective IEPs - Policy & Template

Some schools have stopped using Individual Educational Plans, in part due to them becoming a cumbersome paper exercise. At my current school we have simplified and streamlined both the IEP process and IEP documentation. Feedback from staff and parents has so far been very good. Attached is our policy / memo that outlines the process along with our IEP template and a (fictional) example. The IEP strategies draw primarily on the strategy banks which I've also uploaded to TES. --> For more: www.HumansNotRobots.co.uk
By Matt Grant

Multiplication and Division by Single Digits Worksheets, Autism

Multiplication and Division Worksheets with answer key.

Some pupils with autism may be visually overloaded or distracted by busy math pages. My son found it much easier to concentrate on finishing the task with these worksheets, because of the clear layout.

There are 20 worksheets in this set
- 10 multiplication
- 10 division

They gradually increase in difficulty.

20 answer pages are also included.

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By CurriculumForAutism

Social Story - Biting (Widgit)

This social story was originally created for a student with ASD to target his biting behaviour in a positive way. Some tips for using this resource: - print out the book (leave out pages that may not be appropriate to your context) - add photos of the student to personalise the book - laminate and bind if possible for longevity - keep in a place accessible to teachers or adults - read every time the behaviour occurs Created using Communicate in Print. Widgit Symbols © Widgit 2010
By Bermudez2000