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Secondary School Visuals

Visual support cards for secondary school learners with organisational difficulties. The images have also been used successfully within visual timetables for Key Stage 3 students with autistic spectrum disorders.

By Dodros

4 Specific Learning Disabilities Mind Maps

The resource is designed and created in PowerPoint to help all professional bodies working with children. They can be used as a poster or within a presentation regarding SpLD. These mind maps can assist SENCO's, teachers, support staff etc within primary or secondary education as part of staff training or building awareness.

There are four posters all together:
By sheenataylor82

Counting and number activities for dyscalculia

Various activities for counting, estimating and multiplication - suitable resources for those working with pupils with dyscalculia.
By stevechinn


A set of 30 positive affirmation cards. Great for building self-esteem in children.

Cards include:

I am awesome
I am beautiful
I am smart
I am a good reader
I am so important
I am loved
I enjoy learning
I have many talents
I enjoy challenges
I am good at Math
I always do my best
I am brave
I have lots of friends
I believe in myself
I can do it
I am helpful
I accept myself
I am proud of myself
I am wonderful
My smile is like the Sun
I get better and better
I never give up
I am creative
I am a winner
I am powerful
I am positive
I am limitless
I am unique
I am good at lots of things
I love to try new things

Made using beautiful graphics from Melonheadz. Great counselling/ motivational tool.
By hoppytimes

Assess Plan Do Review planning sheet for SEN

This one page sheet helps busy sencos/teachers document their graduated Assess Plan Do Review approach to SEN.
By kathyb99

Hand washing powerpoint

Photo symbol hand washing powerpoint to use as a power point or to print as a book. Photos taken from http://challengingbehavior.fmhi.usf.edu/Manual/Folder5VisualStrategies/FileH%20ActivitySequenceVisPottyWash/WashHandsVisual.ppt

By Ibuzzybea