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National Fossil Day (Oct. 14th)

  • October 9th, 2015

Q: Why did the T-rex get covered with a giant bandaid? A: He was a dino-sore.

Use these resources to help aspiring paleontologists unearth facts about fossils. We picked these resources just for you to celebrate National Fossil Day and promote inquiry-based learning in the classroom.

Now including free Blendspace lessons and wikis!

Gabe’s review: This fossil resource can be used in class or as a take-home assignment. Vkioupi's resource will have students learning from a video and animation to answer some fundamental questions about fossil formation and discovery.

Erica’s review: Use this interactive notebook to have students learn, review, and reinforce what fossils are and what types of fossils exist.

Ritu’s Review: Lonnie did a great job making this differentiated lesson engaging and fun with puzzles, bingo, and awesome pictures to make learning about fossils exciting.

Erica’s Review: Make reviewing for a quiz or a test exciting for your students with these 20 task cards on biodiversity and change.

Gabe's Review: Tracy’s Blendspace showcases a variety of videos and articles for students to explore fossil facts, prehistoric timelines, photos, and even a fossil song!

Ritu's Review: Looking for a Fossil Unit Plan? This wiki provides a 4 week comprehensive unit plan with objectives, common core standards, and resources for read aloud, shared reading, guided reading, and interactive editing.

Q: Why didn't the trilobite move?

A: Because it needed fossil fuel.