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Collection World Language Resources collection

Our Favorite World Language Resources

  • December 4, 2015

Bring the New Year into your global classroom with these language resources that will help your students speak, read, and write with fluency.

Erica's Review: Prepare for the zombie apocalypse with this French story, comprehension questions, and survival guide!

Steven’s Review: We knew Pumpkin Spice Lattes were delicious, but we didn’t know there was a great, 5 page mystery story about them in French with comprehension questions until Heather shared this great resource.

Gabe’s Review: Students are sure to love (or perhaps fall in love during) this Speed Dating activity for Spanish learners. Let some Spanish Conversation into your classroom with the help of Cupid.

Erica's Review: Caroline’s PowerPoint includes an introduction to French calendar vocabulary as well as a variety of games for practice. Watch students’ reading skills and confidence grow as they portray historical characters.

Steven’s Review: This music-based activity from Holly Lamovsky has students listening to, filling in, and even changing the lyrics to a catchy Spanish tune!

Gabe's Review: In this creative lesson from Barbara Davis, students create a PowerPoint mystery using the preterite and imperfect tenses. Made for Spanish, but easily adaptable for other languages.

Erica’s Review: Sue Summers’ project is a great culminating activity for a unit on Spanish family vocabulary - students create then present a PowerPoint about their own families.

Steven's Review: This 3 hour lesson from Stephanie provides a fantastic way to practice Spanish or French articles, clothing vocabulary, and bartering skills.

Gabe’s Review: Sara’s Blendspace combines multiple language resources, including a Quizlet, comic, and video, into one comprehensive Spanish lesson on the meaning of “ser” versus “estar.”

Erica's Review: Get your beginning French students excited about the culture, geography, and people of Paris while they practice greetings and other basics in French with Madeleine Caubere’s Blendspace.

Erica’s Review: Mineral Point Spanish’s Wiki helps students improve their Spanish skills and provides you with helpful links, project ideas, and podcasts.

Steven's Review: LHSFrenchdevoirs Wiki helps you flip your French high school class by offering links to assignments, resources, a pinterest board, and more!