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Collection Top Resolutions for Your Classroom Collection

Top Resolutions for Your Classroom

  • January 1st, 2016

Say goodbye to old resolutions and hello to TESolutions! From craftivities on taking risks to setting SMART goals, these resources will help your class set, meet, and exceed their learning objectives.

Erica's Review: Are your cute little penguins hesitant to take risks? Then RaisingRigor’s craftivity is perfect! Help students build confidence as they think through taking risks and goal setting at the start of the new term. They'll also have fun at the same time!

Steven’s Review: Students can use their collective superpowers to create this collaborative classroom bulletin board. Each student comes to the rescue by coloring his or her own individual square to create the big classroom poster.

Gabe’s Review: This fantastic resource is 16 pages of discussion prompts, activities, games, and questions that revolve around goal-setting, success, and failure. It also includes suggestions for implementation, tips, and links.

Erica's Review: New year, new goals. Provide students with real-life examples of S.M.A.R.T. Goals, so they can develop their own guide to them through the remainder of the school year.

Steven’s Review:Have your students create a flipbook while brainstorming and documenting their New Year's resolutions… and the way they will accomplish them. Help them follow through!

Gabe's Review: Are your students still in vacation mode? Help them start the New Year off on the right foot and strengthen your classroom culture with Karen Morris’ fabulous management bundle.

Erica’s Review: "Homework? We had homework?" With ericawarren’s HUGE guide to mastering organizational and study skills, students will never forget they had homework!

Steven's Review: “I can’t do it!” Help students understand the barriers they face in achieving their goals while digging into the social and emotional aspects of learning so that they can say, “Yes, I can!”