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Collection Halloween resources

Tricks and Treats: Halloween Resources

  • October 23rd, 2015

Treat the ghouls and goblins of your classroom to these Halloween resources for all grades. With spooky writing and math activities, a CCSS-aligned PowerPoint, and collaborative projects, you’ll have your students simultaneously celebrating All Hallow’s Eve and developing transferable skills.

Ritu’s review: Use this Halloween resource, a Common Core State Standards aligned PowerPoint about synonyms to engage your learners during this festive time of year! The interactive activities with fun words will make your kids excited about synonyms!

Ritu’s review: Give your students a full-length, all-comprehensive assessment to be used for SAT/ACT and/or College Readiness math prep for Halloween. This 20 page Halloween resource has 26 challenging questions and a comprehensive answer sheet and is a must for your high school math class.

Gabe’s Review: Math word problems have never been so scary! Use these Halloween themed multi-step word problems to give students some practice with: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, simple fractions, percentage, measurements, and currency.

Erica's Review: Add some Halloween fun to learning patterns with this teacher-friendly resource. It’s ready to print and use in class tomorrow!

Erica’s Review: With a taxonomy of monsters, beasts, and real diseases to solve through dichotomous keys and classroom collaboration? Secondary science teachers, this is the Halloween resource you’ve been looking for!

Gabe's Review: This Halloween resource is a neat packet of 20 creative thinking, writing, and math activities. Use them individually or as a packet, and get your students thinking outside the box before it’s filled with Halloween candy.