Community is now closed

You may have noticed that Community has been under maintenance for the past few weeks. This was due to some essential work to ensure that this separate platform was in line with the compliance standards of the rest of Tes.

This work raised several other issues and as a result, we wanted to let you know that Community will not be returning. 

Today, there is a need, greater than ever before, to ensure security, safety, data integrity and reliability. The nature of the Community platform, its set-up, and how it has evolved, has made this a bigger and bigger challenge. Of course, engagement and interaction is still available through our many other channels.

Community has been part of the Tes website for several years. However, we have also seen that as people engage with information differently, fewer and fewer people are using Community. At the same time, we have seen more and more subscribe to other information sources, such as newsletters and websites, or simply engage with us and others through our social media channels. 

Forum platforms like Community also come with justifiable legal and ethical responsibilities. This means that every comment and every subject on Community rightly comes with an expectation for Tes to ensure compliance. Over recent years, this has become increasingly difficult for us to support and so it risks some conversations moving from healthy debate into potentially offensive territory. 

The combination of these factors means it simply isn’t viable to maintain Community going forward. 

We know that there were still a number of people that used this forum on a regular basis, and we hope that through our other channels we can still offer you the opportunity to engage and support each other in the same way.

Of course, although this facility may be closing, it doesn’t mean that we aren’t looking at how we can host this kind of engagement again in the future, using new technology and a fresh approach. 

Thank you for the many conversations.

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