Tes Styleguide

Consistency, re-use, and meaningful user experiences.

Our styleguide is a shared toolbox of design and engineering solutions, allowing us to build faster and smarter, and deliver a consistent UI that keeps users orientated.

Here you'll find an evergreen guide to our UI elements, including design principles and technical how-tos.

Team collaboration

Our frontend is nothing without your involvement. Frontend Day is a day set aside for some cross-team effort to maintain/enhance our shared frontend resources. It's a great way of learning some new frontend skills.

Next Frontend Day will be

Head over to our board in Zenhub to see what we're working on, and get involved by joining the Frontend Slack Channel.

Styleguide sections

Internal repositories

Some links on this styleguide won't be publicly accessible as they will point to either private repositories or private internal documentation.

StyleguideUI Components (module-tsl-ui)Sass variables/mixins