Podcast: the challenges facing special schools

Tes talks to special school head Simon Knight about the struggles faced by the SEND sector, and possible solutions

Simon Lock

New teachers: How to succeed as an NQT in a special school

Special education is going through a difficult time. For starters, the sector has been struggling with a lack of funding in recent years.

At the same time, it’s been adapting to a new code of practice.

And, as in the rest of the education sector, there are problems with recruitment and retention.

But with no dedicated teacher training route for special education, there are additional questions as to whether staff are equipped to support children with such complex needs.  

The government has committed another £700 million in funding this year, but where will this be spent? And is it enough?

In this podcast, we speak to Simon Knight, joint headteacher at the Frank Wise School in Banbury, which caters for children aged between two and 19 with severe or profound and multiple learning disabilities.

He tells us about the various problems facing special schools and how he is trying to find solutions.

This podcast was produced in association with Tes Institute. Their Straight to Teaching course allows TAs and support staff to prepare for QTS while remaining in their current school. Find out more about Straight to Teaching

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Simon Lock

Simon Lock

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