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Halloween Activity Book for EYFS/KS1

Halloween Activity Book for EYFS/KS1

Resource Title Halloween Activity Book Age/Year Group Early Years and Key Stage 1 Total Pages in download ❤ 19 File Type PDF Resource Content ❂ This is a perfect little book for EYFS and KS1 for the week of Halloween! All you need to do is print and staple! ❂ Lots of differentiated worksheets (something for everyone!) ❂ 15 Worksheets (English and Maths focused) Check the preview! Reviews and feedback are appreciated, I value all but as we tell our students, try to be constructive! @ Printing Tip: This educational resource has been designed for printing on A4 size paper. If you are printing on a different size, select ‘shrink’ or ‘print to fit page’ (or similar option) in order for the contents to fit correctly. TOU Purchase of this resource entitles YOU, the buyer, the right to reproduce the pages for personal and classroom use ONLY. Duplication for other classes, an entire school or for commercial use is strictly prohibited without written permission from Polly Puddleduck. Minor editing is allowed but only for personal use. The document remains under the copyright of Polly Puddleduck even when edited. Posting this item in whole or part on the Internet in any form is strictly prohibited and a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Polly Puddleduck ©2016
Spooky Story Writing - Halloween Writing Activity

Spooky Story Writing - Halloween Writing Activity

Your students will love this fun and engaging creative writing activity that will have them rolling story element dice (setting, character, obstacle, and a story starter) to create a random set of story components. Once students have their story components, they’ll plan and write a spooky story as they combine each element into an entertaining writing piece.
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