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Tes has partnered with a number of different organisations to co-create some exciting and interesting content around a number of different topics within the Education sector.

All our partners are listed below - we hope you enjoy the content.


Airbus Foundation

The goal of the Airbus Foundation is to use the fascinating power of our industry and its future to inspire our next generation and help them overcome the challenges they will face.

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Tes and Artsmark have teamed up to promote the benefits of Arts, Culture and Creativity across the Curriculum.

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Barclays lifeskills logo

Barclays LifeSkills

Employability is at the heart of what every school strives to do: they prepare their students to go out into the world that awaits them. 

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Bett 2020

Bett is the education technology world's curtain-raiser, taking place each year in January and drawing almost 35,000 teachers, leaders, policy-makers and edtech addicts to London for four days.

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Here, you'll find a wealth of advice and information on how to keep your class informed, engaged and at ease with talking about periods.

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British Council

Tes and the British Council have joined forces to explore different ways to bring the world into the classroom and open the door to a host of international learning opportunities. 

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British Red Cross

We understand that, for some people, teaching first aid can feel quite daunting – especially if you’ve never done it before. British Red Cross and TES have partnered to empower teachers to confidently deliver first aid lessons for all ages in line with the new RSE and health curriculum.


Capita Reading Cloud

A successful and thriving library should be at the heart of the school community by ensuring you have the library facilities that enhance teaching and learning is essential. 

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Capita SIMS

Parental engagement is a critical part of a child's educational development. But effective parental engagement is not easy to achieve. There are a myriad of demands on teachers' and parents' time, so school....

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The Department for Education has partnered with TES to share resources and practical solutions from the department and schools around the country.

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School leaders and teachers are mostly aware of the importance of relationships and sex education, but many lack the confidence and knowledge of how to deliver quality RSE. With these barriers in mind....

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EDF Energy

The time is now for changing the way we think and behave around sustainability. The world's resources and how our carbon footprint impacts this is a vital topic to teach our next generation.

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English Heritage

Tes and English Heritage have teamed up to bring history to life outside the classroom.

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ipo logo

Intellectual Property Office

Cracking Ideas by the Intellectual Property Offices aims to foster creativity and innovation in young people. 



LEGO Education and Tes have teamed up to make coding a reality for primary and secondary aged pupils.

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Merlin Entertainments

Whether it's going 135 meters above the River Thames or down into the depths of the London Dungeon, in this hub explore school trip ideas that combine structured curriculum-linked activities with real....

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Met Office

Weather and climate affect everything, from the way we live to what we eat and our personal safety. We want to help young people understand the wide-reaching impacts of weather and climate change locally and globally, for people, places and businesses.

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Here, you'll find a wealth of advice and information on how to run your school the smart way in the digital era and develop in line with advancement.

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Teaching is a fantastic career but starting out in the profession can often leave new teachers feeling lost and overwhelmed. From understanding your role as a classroom leader, to your right and res....

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In today's increasingly interconnected world, the education system must empower students to become critical, creatives and collaborative thinkers. Join the learning by making revolution.

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Currently, the amount of students having trouble with the internet is alarmingly high. The content is too difficult to understand and they often don't know which websites can be trusted. 

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Tes & Quizlet have teamed up to provide you with engaging activities and study methods that you can use with your students to get them more excited about learning. 

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Smart Technologies

This hub aims to give teachers and school leaders the tools they need to empower students to know that they matter, and instill a sense of self-belief, resilience and determination within them. 

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Helping children and young people manage their mental health and wellbeing has never been more important. Thrive is a leading provider of tools and training for teachers and other education professionals to do just that.



We've only got one planet - and it's beautiful! It's also necessary for our very survival. Through education for sustainable development, we can motivate and empower young people to come up with creat....

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