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Barnaby visits China

Continuing Barnaby´s trip. This time he will visit China. I have used this resource with my Year 1 class. They really enjoyed it. I hope it is useful for you!

By lulimaya

CVC Word Worksheets

A selection of CVC word worksheets, suitable for Early Years and KS1.
By ehazelden

Seasons and Months Wheel

A lovely craft to reinforce learning and spelling of the months of the year and the seasons. Pupils cut out the wheel and the arrow then attach the two with a split pin (with teacher support). They can colour the wheel. Also included is a blank version which may be suitable or your pupils where they have to label the months and seasons themselves.
By BetsyBelleTeachesFrench

Length Worksheets

A selection of worksheets on measuring and comparing lengths, suitable for Early Years and KS1.

By ehazelden

We're Going on a Bear Hunt Literacy Planning

Literacy planning linked to the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' for Reception.
By fluffy30

Adding to 20 with Numicon

PowerPoint to model how to use Numicon to add and to record number sentences/maths stories correctly. Most pages are up to 20, with a couple of additional challenges for the most able. Additionally I saved the last 6 pages as a pdf handout worksheet for the most able to complete independently while the rest of the class are using the Numicon.
By choralsongster