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Table Splat! (Times Tables Game)

A game that can be played in pairs, threes or independently. Please note that this game focuses on times tables facts from 2 to 10 to ensure children are confident in these tables before progressing to the 11s and 12s, which will need to be taught subsequently.

Children need a 'Table Splat' mat and counters (different coloured counters for each child). Children take turns to turn over a card, revealing a times tables question. The child who is the first to place their counter on the correct answer (whilst shouting 'SPLAT!') can leave their counter on the board. The winner is the player with the most counters on the board once all of the times table cards have been used.

Differentiate by choosing the multiplication cards relevant for that child, depending on which times table they are currently working on.

*Update: 6s and 9s have been underlined, to avoid confusion.*
By Miss-Becky

Grammar and Punctuation Curriculum on one A4 sheet

Draft English Grammar and Punctuation Curriculum. Years 1 to 6 all on one A4 sheet. Colour and black and white version available.
By primaryclass

First week activities

4 activities for the first week back at school. Gives the children a chance to get to know each other and think/learn about themselves. A list of resources is included along with a worksheet and basic templates. The activities also include work that can be used for assessment.
By sphynx thinker

All about me hot air balloon

A resource template for children to complete to create a 3d hot air balloon to tell Teachers and classmates all about themselves. Includes sections for children to detail their ambitions, their family, favourite books, what makes them smile and what makes them special. A must for transition day or back to school. Can be used across all primary education phases.

Makes a wonderfully creative and colourful classroom display.

For more Outstanding Resources for Outstanding Teachers, please visit my website www.teachersvault.co.uk
By Helen Rachel Crossley

Class rules lesson plan

This may help some teachers who want to set up class rules for their new class.
By Amber21