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La famille en voie de changement / The changing nature of family / AS Level French / New AQA / 2016

This PowerPoint will help you introduce the new theme of the new AQA syllabus (2016+) 'La famille en voie de changement' (The changing nature of family).

It covers the three sub themes with a range of activities (Translations, Gap fills, quizzes, speaking and writing practice, finishing with a 'Kahoot' activity) with answers.

The three sub themes are:

- Grands-parents, parents et enfants – soucis et problèmes
- Monoparentalité, homoparentalité, familles recomposées
- La vie de couple – nouvelles tendances

A total of 28 slides (See preview for overview)

14th September 2016 (16:30 hrs): A new edited version has been produced and uploaded here (two minor typos have been corrected). If you email me at madarunuk@gmail.com with the old PowerPoint you have purchased, I will email you back the latest version freely.

The Kahoot link has been updated and is now working reliably. The link is also on the notes section below the slide. Email me if you have any problems..

Many thanks for your support.

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Speaking Preparation & Practice for the topic "Famille en voie de changement "

'Le rôle du bénévolat': https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/le-r-le-du-b-n-volat-the-place-of-voluntary-work-as-level-french-new-aqa-2016-11358773
By madarun

Differentiated negative number worksheets

A set of differentiated worksheets on negative numbers. I use the ESP to group students by ability in that topic for that lesson and give them the appropriately leveled resource. Ideas? Corrections? Criticisms? Maths Jokes? Please comment below.
By jhofmannmaths

2016 AQA Biology section 1 - Cell Biology

This PowerPoint covers the entire content for the NEW (draft) AQA Syllabus on Biology section 1 - Cell Biology. It covers: Plant and animal cells, eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells, bacteria, structures in a typical plant and animal cell, specialised cells, xylem and phloem, cell differentiation, microscopy, scanning electron microsopes, growing bacteria using agar plates, cell division, mitosis, stem cells, stem cell research, meristems, diffusion, diffusion in the lungs, single celled organisms, gas exchange in fish, how lungs are adapted for gas exchange, osmosis, active transport, root hair cells and how they are adapted, comparing diffusion, osmosis and active transport.

NEW - A-Level PE - Rational Recreation & the industrial revolution

A set of resources introducing the development of rational recreation and the impact of the industrial revolution on sport as part of the Sport and Society module in the NEW AQA A-Level PE spec;

2 PowerPoint presentations
2 Student hand-outs

Students will also get the chance to learn the socio-cultural factors that were present in industrial Britain by creating 2 journal entries for either Wayne Rooney, Andy Murray or Katarina Johnson-Thompson.

Resources serve as an introduction to the rational recreation period and how the industrial revolution shaped sport in industrial and post-industrial Britain.
By Joel Galley