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EDUQAS GCSE Music 9-1 Set Work Rainbow: Analysis Grid

Educes GCSE Music 9 -1 (from September 2016).
This is a full analysis grid for one of the set works : Since You Been Gone (Rainbow/ Ballard) 1979.

This has TWO slides. The first is blank for your own revision / review the second is fully annotated with full detail.

The complete musical elements for EDUQAS are covered with full detail for each section of this song.
There is, perhaps, a little more detail than required but this may prove useful for your high achieving learners.
By hblythe

Formal Methods Steps to Success

Posters/mats showing steps to success for the main formal methods. Feel free to edit.
By Nereis

NEW English Language GCSE Assessment BUNDLE AO's/ Exam Question Symmetry Map & Grade Converter.

Containing an original mock Paper 1 and mock Paper 2 which are knitted together with this visual guide for pupils and teachers. Intended to guide pupils through the AQA GCSE English Language AO's for Reading using a visually, well organised format. Empower your pupils to understand what is expected of them and to be able to assess their own abilities against the skills required, focussing their revision around this.

Also a grade converter is included for paper 1 and 2 which parallels new GCSE levels with both traditional GCSE grades and KS2/3 levels.

See below for links to the complete 8 week teaching course and revision guide bundle built around this symmetry template!


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By @ creatEd

Complete RE/Philosophy Classroom Display Pack

Firstly, a HUGE thank you to the more than 350 of you who have purchased this display pack! I hope your classrooms look gorgeous!

This is a complete 200+ page pack of a number of classroom displays that I have developed over the last couple of years to invigorate my department. Two updated booster packs have already been added.

Original Display Pack:

- Philosophers and Religious Figures Timeline (Over 40 thinkers with pictures, dates and outlines of their thinking).
- Famous quote callouts to add along the timeline (one for almost every philosopher). Get students talking!
- Custom-made colourful lettering for timeline eras.
- Over 20 ethical and philosophical questions in colourful speech bubbles to inspire thinkers in your classroom (A great one for open-evenings or tutor time discussions!)
- Steps/Levels display with optional number arrows. Department levels policy documents included.
- 'How to' guides for all displays.

June/July Booster Pack:

- Philosophical Language Literacy Display with sentence starters for knowledge/explanation and assessment/evaluation.
- Agree --> Disagree continuum signposts to make human bar charts in your classroom!
- Blooms thinking guidance for teachers with question prompts. Great for shrinking and sticking on desks or displaying at the back of the room.

Sept/Oct Booster Pack:

- A raft of additional thinkers to give greater flexibility to the Philosopher Timeline across exam boards.
- Quotes for every new thinker of course!

All updates continue to be free.
By Todd Beamish