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Maths Group Challenges Puzzle Sheets

These are ideal for keeping pupils busy for a period on problem-solving and number-crunching. The puzzles vary in difficulty so I let pupils do the questions on each sheet in any order- first team to get all correct wins!

The answers are included so you really just have to print and go!

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By aap03102

Macbeth: Revision Materials and Resources

Printable revision materials for delivery and recap lessons for Macbeth by William Shakespeare with a focus on the AQA (Specification B) Gothic Literatute module.
By RichardWarren

Pointless French Revision Game GCSE

This is a fully interactive game which incorporates lots of the more tricky aspects of GCSE French vocabulary.

- click on the box to launch the pointless animation
- the slide will automatically go back to the previous screen
- reveal the answers by clicking on the points circles
- show an incorrect 100 points screen by clicking the background
- play in teams for a fun revision activity
- great for starters to motivate the students
By Caroline Thomas

AQA Power and Conflict Poetry Knowledge Organiser

An excellent teaching and revision guide for AQA's Power and Conflict cluster. All on two sides of A3. Contains everything students need to know on all fifteen poems, plus sections on themes, language for comparison and poetic techniques. A must have for teachers and students.
By miss_fletcher

PSHE: Drugs and Law

1 hour PP, worksheets, clip links, KS3/4
Differentiated throughout, Includes clip link activity (credit to BBC),
plenary, 3 LOs throughout - to suit Ofsted 'Good - Outstanding'
Focus on drugs and UK law as well as long term and short term drug risks.

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By EC Resources

GCSE Revision Pub Quiz - Higher and Foundation

This is a revision activity either to be done in small groups or individually. There are the following rounds: Number, Algebra, Shape and Space, Date Handling, Using and Applying. All have 10 questions worth one point each except the Using and Applying round where there are 5 questions worth 3 points each, where workings must be given.
By alutwyche