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GCSE Spanish - revision quickies across topics

Vocabulary revision worksheets on various topics ideal for homework or cover lessons
By Gianfranco Conti

La cybersociété / Cybersociety / Quels dangers la cybersociété pose-t-elle / AS French AQA 2016+

This PowerPoint helps to cover aspects of the theme about Cybersociety of the new AQA syllabus (2016+) - La cybersociété.

It focuses on the second sub theme - Quels dangers la cybersociété pose-t-elle? - with the following activities: translations, questions for discussions, photo-based discussions, vocabulary and writing practice.

A total of 14 slides

See also:
- Qui sont les cybernautes / l'avenir

- Comment la technologie facilite la vie quotidienne?
By madarun

directions in French - les directions

A powerpoint and worksheet on directions and telling the way in French, aimed at Yr9 but could easily be used for a good Yr8 group and at KS4 for revision. There was an error in the second part of the worksheet, which has been corrected (26/06/16) - sorry for any confusion!
Answers for part 2: A = 20, B = 19, C = 18, D = 10, E = 11, F = 2 G = 21
By anyholland

Spanish Preterite

A Powerpoint Tutorial explaining the Preterite in Spanish both for regular and irregular verbs, followed by two worksheets.
By Mairi Clement


Sheet containing different ways to express opinions, time phrases, linking words and verb tenses.
By ajsanzcaro


(Newly added note - I've just gone to download the booklet from school, having produced it at home, and the formatting is different, must be a different version of Word. So I've gone through again and amended. If anyone has bought this one and would like the other version, please comment and I'll send it to you. Thanks) I've used the new AQA specimen papers to create this comprehensive booklet which will support GCSE pupils in their learning for the Speaking exams. Although I've used the AQA specimen, I'm sure this would be very usable for Edexcel too. Included on here is the English and example answers for all sections - role-play, photo cards and general conversation, for both higher and foundation, plus the mark scheme and the example cards. There's also a tracker, lots of explanations and a list of high frequency words which can be used for testing. There are two sections for them to practise their own answers and they can fold the papers over for better testing. Students can pair up and take turns to be the examiner and they can check their answers with the mark scheme. I plan to give this to my year 10 class in chunks at a time, so we have continued work on one section at a time as we go through - this booklet will feature heavily in homework I set my year 10s for the next year and a half! (Could also be given as advanced prep to year 9s). This has taken an enormous amount of time so I'd appreciate any feedback. If you spot a mistake, please be gentle ;) but please let me know. I phoned up the exam board and checked that they were happy for me to do this and that I wasn't showing anything I shouldn't, and it's all fine :) Hope it's really useful!
By lilaclanguagelearning