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GCSE French vocab revision quickies

www.language-gym.com/work-outs/ for the online version of these. select FRENCH, then VOCABULARY, then UPPER INTERMEDIATE

To practise conjugating GCSE verbs: www.language-gym.com/verb-trainer/
By Gianfranco Conti

GCSE Spanish - revision quickies across topics

Vocabulary revision worksheets on various topics ideal for homework or cover lessons
By Gianfranco Conti

German GCSE New Specifications Speaking Exam - General Conversation.

This is a booklet that can be printed for each student and contains over 150 general conversation questions. These questions have put together by researching all exam boards specifications and example materials. The questions are in themes are also broken down into sub-themes. Within each set of questions in a sub-theme, they have be classified into tenses so that pupils can be clear of the tense they need to use to answer the relevant question. These can form the basis of regular classroom practice for the speaking exam and if pupils are confident with these questions, they will also be able to answer many of the questions that will form part of the photo card section of the exam.
By cgazzal

Spanish Weather - El tiempo

PowerPoint presentation to introduce the weather expressions and seasons in Spanish. It includes an activity where students have to describe what they do depending on the Weather.
By ajsanzcaro

AQA Spanish new spec GCSE pupil booklet - Higher

An information booklet for 2016 AQA Spanish specification. This booklet, aimed at students sitting the Higher tier papers, contains the following:

- Exam information (weightings, times, marks)
- Question words/phrases (useful for speaking exam)
- Target language exam rubrics (and English translations)
- Mark scheme for speaking exams (simplified for students)
- Extensive list of connectives
- Verb tables; main irregular verbs and regular -AR/ER/IR conjugation examples for preterite, present and future tenses
- Role play guidance; instructions and possible question starters
- Photo card guidance; phrases for spontaneous speaking on photos
- General conversation possible questions ordered by theme and sub-topic
- Vocabulary for each theme and sub-topic as provided by AQA

A truly valuable resource for all GCSE students which will you save you plenty of time.

I have uploaded the booklet as a word document, meaning that you can tweak and alter them as you see fit. I am happy for you to share them with other teachers within one department but must ask that you do not share these with colleagues outside of your school.

All sales proceeds will go to back funding our little MFL department.
By jneedham1701

New AS French Speaking: questions for topics

Based on the new AQA AS French exam, a booklet for speaking practice with questions on the topics studied.
By zazouz