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L'heure - time in French

Some things I've made - some I&'ve pinched from other people on here. I apologies, I&';ve forgotten where these have come from! If you think it's yours, let me know.
By anon874


This combined pack of GAMES AND ACTIVITIES AND 3 DOMINOES GAMES features 99 essential SPANISH VERBS in the infinitive form. Together, they offer an interactive and communicative alternative to 'traditional' vocabulary and grammar drilling activities, and really do help to create a lively language learning environment. They're perfect for pair and small-group work, enabling students to learn independently of the teacher.

The game cards are versatile, and can be used for a number of language learning games; I’ve described several games you can play and ways you can use them in the classroom. They're great for a ready-made quick vocab quiz too! The game card template lets your students put their knowledge of SPANISH verbs to the test as they create cards for each other - preferably from memory. The games and activities work just as well if you're homeschooling too.

There are three differentiated RECALL AND WRITE ACTIVITIES:
Students recall and write all the verbs in English from a SPANISH prompt - the SPANISH verbs are in alphabetical order
Students recall and write all the verbs in English from a SPANISH prompt, with the verbs appearing in random, rather than alphabetical order
Students recall and write all the verbs in SPANISH from an English prompt - this really does put their knowledge to the test - and is great for practising spelling in SPANISH too.

GAME 1 features the verbs in alphabetical order, SPANISH to English
GAME 2 features the verbs in topsy-turvy order, SPANISH to English
GAME 3 features the verbs in topsy-turvy order, ENGLISH to SPANISH - your students will really have to know their SPANISH verbs to complete this sequence in record time!

These are fast-paced vocab quizzes, great for starter, warm-up, refresher and plenary activities at regular intervals across the school year - choose a language calling out either the SPANISH or ENGLISH verb, with students responding either verbally or in writing on a mini-whiteboard - I've also included two NUMBER GAME calling lists, both SPANISH and ENGLISH.
THE NUMBER GAMES can be played as a team game, with small groups, or with students playing as individuals against each other.

I've classed the pack as suitable for ages 11-18, because it really does depend on when your students began SPANISH, the level they are currently working at, and the level they are aspiring to.

The pack consists of 3 non-editable files in a zipped format; please read the TERMS OF USE carefully - the pack is copyright, and for single-classroom use only. The resources are also available individually, priced at £2.50 and £2.00.

By LivelyLearning

Subordinating conjunctions

Worksheet to practice the use of subordinating conjunctions.
By Dopp

GCSE Spanish - revision quickies across topics

Vocabulary revision worksheets on various topics ideal for homework or cover lessons
By Gianfranco Conti

List of French A* phrases for GCSE

Exactly what it says on the tin! This is just a list I have compiled of all of the high-level phrases which a GCSE student aiming for an A* could aim to use in written or spoken presentations. Some subjunctive clauses are also included, which may be applicable for some AS or A2 students also. Please feel free to add to the list or adapt as necessary.
By simt33

KS4 German Freizeit Gesundheit modals/Q&A

Two lessons focusing on modal structures and questions/answers in preparation for a controlled assessment for a mixed year 10 group.
By hasslethehog