Policy Last Updated: 15/10/2020

Content Objections and Takedown Policy

Reporting Resources on Tes

Tes Resources is a place for teachers to share original, high quality teaching materials that they would trust to use in their own schools.

As the hosting service, we expect our users to act responsibly and in line with our Author Code. Materials that do not meet our standards will be removed at our discretion.

To report a resource, either:

  • Use the ‘Report a problem’ button on the resource’s page
  • Email us at help@tes.com 

Make sure you let us know which resource you are reporting and why. If you report a resource for any reason, you can expect Tes staff to review it and respond directly to you so you can understand the outcome of the review.

Receipt of complaint is acknowledged within 24 hours (Monday to Friday, between business hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. UK time). Where authors contravene our policies, as outlined below, their materials may be taken down, deleted  , or they may face a permanent ban and we may return payments to purchasers at our discretion.

Below we provide more details on our policies and how we approach complaints about material that is deemed to be:

  • Offensive or inappropriate
  • Misdescribed
  • Plagiarised or infringing copyright
  • Educationally weak or inaccurate
  • Technically faulty
  • Or of concern in another way
  • Tes will remove content that is found to be unlawful, defamatory, offensive, inappropriate, slanderous, pornographic, insulting, threatening, racist, sexist, or that incites hatred, violence or division through misinformation. We will also ban users who create such material or are reported as acting in such a way.   

    In some cases, teachers can make content that is unwittingly inappropriate or offensive. These can include where the resource’s format does not reflect the seriousness of the subject matter, and can be upsetting to users. We will deal with these on a case-by-case basis, but advise authors to be careful, especially when creating resources on sensitive subjects.

    Where users believe that a resource might be inappropriate for younger students but would be of value to older learners, and Tes agrees, we will pass on the message to the author and advise them to change the age tagging.


  • Tes Resources is intended as a library of educational materials and expects users who upload content to ensure their materials are designed and written for a clear target audience containing factually correct information.

    We ask that categorisation is applied reasonably to describe curriculum, subject, topic and age-range. Over-categorisation reduces the accuracy of search algorithms and is also very unhelpful for busy teachers who want to get relevant content as quickly as possible.

    Where we receive reports of mistagged materials, we may contact the author to recommend they change the tags, or change them ourselves. Authors who appear to deliberately mis-tag their materials will face warnings, and potential bans.

    Users who buy a paid resource they feel has been misdescribed should note this in their reviews and check if they are eligible for a refund.


  • We expect authors to upload original resources they have created themselves. If they include material from others, they should either have direct permission, or be using material in line with how it is licensed (so if, for example, they are including an image that has a Creative Commons licence, but that requires attribution, it should be attributed).

    Reported content that‘s found to infringe copyright will be removed immediately. Authors may be granted a warning where the infringement appears unintentional, but will face a ban for further violations.

    Flagrant copyright violation will result in an instant ban and Tes reserves the rights to remove royalties on sales and return them to purchasers or make a charitable donation.

    We will respond in the same way to cases of plagiarism, which is where users not only use someone else’s work without the correct permission, but also suggest they created it.

    When reporting either copyright infringements or plagiarism, please provide details of the source material that has been copied.

    Tes makes no claim to ownership of content uploaded to the resources platform  – this is a teaching resources library contributed to by the education community.  The Tes website provides a hosting service to users to upload their content. All copyright is retained by the original rights holder who uploads the content.

    As an Information Society hosting an online marketplace, Tes undertakes no oversight of content monitoring for copyright infringement, as stated in the Electronic Commerce (EC Directive) Regulations 2002. However, we actively want to remove material that infringes copyright or is plagiarised from our site, and dissuade users from adding it, so we will act swiftly when alerted. We have dedicated staff on our customer services team to review complaints about content that infringes copyright.


    For more information on copyright, please visit: https://www.gov.uk/copyright.


    For information on Creative Commons licences, please visit: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/


    For the Electronic Commerce (ED Directive) Regulations 2002, please visit: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2002/2013/regulation/19/made


  • The educational strength of a resource can be a highly subjective matter, especially given the differences in approaches and styles within the teaching profession, and differences between the curriculum in different schools.

    Where you think a resource is poor or contains errors, the best option is to write a review explaining why and giving it the rating you think it deserves. Your feedback could help an author improve the resource - or explain their reasoning.


  • Where a downloadable resource fails to download, that may be because of a temporary technical fault on our site. Reporting these faults helps us to spot them, and we will provide you with an update on when we expect it to be fixed.

    If a file fails to open on your computer, first check that your software and browser are up to date. If the technical fault appears specific to the resource itself, do make use of our worry-free guarantee and leave a review for the author.

  • Content

    Please let us know about concerns you have about resources outside the categories above by emailing help@tes.com and we will approach them on a case-by-case basis.


    Tes User / Tes Author

    If concerns are raised about a Tes User/Author, Tes may take action against Users/Authors if they are reported as acting in a way   that is unlawful, defamatory, offensive, inappropriate, slanderous, pornographic, insulting, threatening, racist, sexist, or that incites hatred, violence or division through misinformation. Such action may involve removing their resources or placing a permanent ban on their account.

Tes Takedown Procedure

Tes is committed to our community and seeks to create educational value by providing a platform for professional teachers to share their work.  However, we retain the right to decide what is shared on our site.

On receiving a report/complaint, Tes may suspend any User Generated Content (UGC) from future download and may withdraw it from public display on the relevant website pending investigation. Tes will acknowledge receipt of your complaint/report by email or letter.

Although the UGC may remain hidden from public view on the Tes Websites, we will contact the uploader of the UGC concerning the report/complaint. The uploader will be notified that the material is subject to a report/complaint, will be informed of the basis of the report/complaint as set out in the notification received, and will be asked to take appropriate action (e.g. editing the content to remove copyright infringing materials).  Tes will not provide details that will reveal the identity of the individual who has made the report or complaint unless we are legally obliged to do so or he or she explicitly asks for their details to be shared with the resource author. Should you have any questions about your data, including how to access, erase or complain about its use, please see our full Privacy Policy here or email us at help@tesglobal.com.

In the event of a dispute between a reporter/complainant and a Tes Author/User, such as disputes over copyright ownership, the UGC will remain hidden from public view and unavailable for download until the dispute has been resolved by the parties. In such circumstances, in accordance with our T&Cs, the uploader may forfeit any anticipated or estimated royalty amount (which amount Tes may deem void at its sole discretion) relating to such UGC and Tes may refuse to pay out any amounts (including any anticipated or estimated royalty amounts) relating to such UGC to any person (including the uploader, the complainant or any third party claiming ownership of the relevant UGC).

Tes reserves the right to suspend or close any accounts in respect of which multiple complaints are received or which appear to be linked to another account, individual, or organisation in respect   of whom a complaint has been received.