Tes Learning Pathways

Tes Learning Pathways

Help every student to reach their full potential

Put your school in the best position to support your students. Our fully flexible, purpose-built platform enables you to create individual learning plans, where all your staff can work together to give all students the right education for them.

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Would your students benefit from personal learning plans?

No two students are exactly alike, which is why creating flexible, personalised learning plans is an essential part of reaching their potential. Tes Learning Pathways helps you to engage with every student about their learning aims, giving them ownership over and confidence in the process, regardless of their ability.

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What are the benefits of Tes Learning Pathways?

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    Purpose-built for schools

    Tes Learning Pathways has been designed specifically for education. Saving your staff time and effort by using one standard, streamlined approach.

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    View progress at a glance

    Feel confident your staff, time, resources and budget are being spent where they’re most effective, instantly.

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    Easy-to-use templates

    Take the hassle out of creating multiple learning plans by being able to duplicate, set up and re-use templates, within our custom-built software.

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    Personalise key components of the software to suit your school's needs.

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    Automated reminders

    Reviewing learning plans is a key part of ensuring all your students thrive. With automatic reminders sent to everyone involved, you'll never miss a review again.

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    Whole-school access

    With a joined-up approach and one point of access for all staff, get peace of mind you can all collaborate to improve outcomes.  

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    Parental engagement

    Demonstrate to parents the impact your school is having on student outcomes and give them greater visibility of their child's progress.

How can Tes Learning Pathways help all students reach their potential?

Our software is packed with flexible features to support all international schools to improve student outcomes.

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Plug-in products

Discover our other products that seamlessly integrate with Tes Learning Pathways.

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    School Robins

    The perfect information gathering tool for school leaders and teachers. Save time and stress by streamlining your conversations and organising information intuitively.

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    Safeguard My School

    Enable staff to easily report safeguarding concerns, wherever they are and provide clear, auditable evidence of safeguarding reporting.

Want to see Tes Learning Pathways in action?

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This product is sold as Provision Map in the UK.

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