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Transforming everyday interactions into real-time data

Get a holistic overview of performance, wellbeing and outcomes to help your staff and parents build a true picture of what’s happening with all your students – all day, every day – with our classroom management software.

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Class Charts Transforming Everyday Interactions into Real-Time Data v3

Why monitoring small interactions could make a big difference to your school

From a forgotten pencil case to homework not submitted on time or an eagerness to raise their hand in class, these seemingly small exchanges can be difficult to capture but important to understand. Tes Class Charts enables you to keep track of every detail, so you can monitor positive behaviour, make earlier interventions and track student wellbeing. And you can send automatic updates to parents so they can get a holistic view of their child’s education and progress.

How can Class Charts help your international school v2

What are the benefits of Tes Class Charts?

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    Get a holistic view of student performance

    Capture the entire learning process as it unfolds, and view everything you need to help your students succeed, with our attainment management features.

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    Class Charts Access Real Time Data image

    Access real-time data

    Create a positive classroom culture through data-driven tracking and analysis by enabling all staff to record the 'key data' within your school at the click of a button. 

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    Improve whole-school processes

    Consolidate multiple tools into one single platform to significantly reduce SLT and teacher workload and improve whole-school processes. 

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    Increase parental engagement

    Easily keep everyone up to date and spend less time and money with two-way communication and online report cards, freeing up time for additional tasks.

Turn data into action

Get a holistic overview of everyday moments in your international school with the flexible features built into our software.

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Why schools love Tes Class Charts

  • 93%
    of customers would recommend Class Charts to a colleague.
  • 20 hours
    Class Charts has saved them up to 20 hours per week.
  • 74%
    of customers say Class Charts has helped improve parental engagement.

Class Charts customer survey, 2022.

Plug-in products

Support Tes Class Charts with these products.

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    Tes Learning Pathways

    Tes Learning Pathways links seamlessly with Class Charts enabling you to view individual learning plans and create seating plans that provide the very best outcome for all students.

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    Plug-in SMS image

    Safeguard My School

    Our safeguarding reporting software, Safeguard my School, enables staff to easily report safeguarding concerns wherever they are and provide clear, auditable evidence of safeguarding reporting.

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