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Find out about the features available in Class Charts that will help you to identify and manage student behaviour, wellbeing and attendance. 

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Behaviour management and analytics

Track and report on student behaviour.

  • Motivate pupils with achievement and behaviour points – which can be awarded in two clicks.

  • Reward long term good behaviour and monitor which students may be consistently misbehaving with intelligence events.

  • Get an accurate, up-to-date picture of student behaviour across your school.

  • Create instant reports for teachers, form tutors, pastoral teams and SLT.

  • Streamline behaviour management workflows.

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Parent & pupil apps

Share good behaviour, rewards and success with parents.

  • Share customisable behaviour reports with parents so they can see how their children are doing.

  • Enable students to see their own progress and reflect on their achievements and behaviour.

  • Motivate and engage pupils with our optional rewards store which can be fully customised to meet your school’s needs.

  • Get in touch with parents and share any necessary information.

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Quickly and easily share information with parents, students and teachers.

  • Enable teachers, parents and students to stay in touch with two-way messaging.

  • Put students on-report with on-report cards that are automatically shared into each class and with parents allowing them to add comments.

  • Quickly notify teachers of important school information by sending them an announcement.

  • Request and receive consents from parents with consent forms and send reminders to those who are still pending.

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Seating plans

Create optimised seating plans to enhance peer-to-peer learning.

  • Combat poor behaviour and improving learning.

  • Create seating plans in seconds and rearrange pupils by ability in a couple of clicks.

  • Print beautiful, data rich seating plans for lesson observations and inspections.

  • Works on multiple devices including whiteboards, laptops, tablets and phones.

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Track and monitor student wellbeing and put early support in place.

  • Customisable to suit your needs and to include the specific wellbeing concerns you want to track.

  • Enable student and parents to report wellbeing concerns through the Pupil and Parent apps to give staff a broader picture of how students are feeling. 

  • Identify students or groups of students who may need additional support.

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Access easy online registers with powerful, visual analysis.

  • Quickly and effortlessly take morning, afternoon and lesson registers directly in Class Charts for remote and in-school learners.

  • Mark attendance by flood filling or individually mark attendance, providing more time for teaching.

  • Monitor school-wide attendance with our visual whole school attendance report, and easily spot unauthorised absences and patterns.

  • Contact parents directly to discuss attendance issues.

  • Remind teachers of missed or incomplete registers.

  • Report on attendance alongside behaviour, wellbeing*, achievement badges and more.

  • Enable parents to report their child absent directly via their Class Charts account.

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Issue, share and track detentions.

  • Replicate your school’s detentions policy.

  • Keep staff, pupils and parents up-to-date with detention details.

  • Attach detentions to behaviours so that everyone is aware of the outcome.

  • Easily track detention attendance.

  • Create bespoke and detailed detention reports within Class Charts Analytics.

  • Automatically upscale and rearrange missed detentions.

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Quickly and remotely set, share and monitor homework with no new logins or integrations.

  • Effectively track and set homework and send out any other necessary information.

  • Share homework with students and parents, putting an end to pupil excuses and providing parents with visibility and transparency.

  • Embed your school’s homework calendar on your school website so students and parents are always aware of expectations.

  • Enable students to submit homework online.

  • Track homework submissions through reports.

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*Available as an add-on for an additional cost.

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