What's included in Class Charts?

Get a holistic overview of performance, wellbeing and attainment, helping you to build a true picture of what’s happening in your school all day, every day.

Class Charts Features Hero v2

What makes Tes Class Charts so easy to use?

Find out about all the features in Class Charts that will help you to get an holistic overview of everyday moments in your international school, starting with behaviour management.

Behaviour management

With our behaviour feature you can easily track and report on student performance and get an accurate, up-to-date picture of student outcomes across your school. Monitor and motivate students with performance points in two easy clicks, plus reward long-term good behaviour and monitor which students have lower performance. You can also streamline behaviour management workflows and provide instant reports for the whole school. Find out more about the elements that make up our behaviour management feature below.

Additional Class Charts features

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    Class Charts Feature Parent Communication v1

    Parental communication

    Share information and customisable attainment reports with parents, students and teachers, keeping everyone up to date, and make it easy for teachers and parents to communicate with each other via two-way messaging.

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    Class Charts Feature Wellbeing v1


    Identify students or groups of students who may need additional help and put early support in place. Customise this feature to suit your needs and to include the specific wellbeing concerns you want to track. 

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    Class Charts Feature Seating Plans v1

    Seating plans

    Create optimised seating plans in seconds and rearrange students by ability in a couple of clicks to enhance peer-to-peer learning.

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    Class Charts Feature Homework v1


    Make it easy for teachers to set, share and effectively track homework and give parents visibility and transparency over homework requirements.

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    Class Charts Feature Attendance v1


    Enable teachers to record session and lesson attendance directly in Class Charts for both remote and in-school learners.

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    Class Charts Feature Parent & Student Apps v1

    Parent and student apps

    Share performance, rewards and success with parents, using our bespoke app, specifically for school communications. Allow parents to see their child’s progress and students to get an overview of their learning.

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