Children's Privacy Notice

Notice last updated: 08/03/2023

  • We are Tes Global Limited.

    Our registered office is at Building 3 St Pauls Place, Norfolk Street, Sheffield, England, S1 2JE, United Kingdom.

    We are committed to making sure that your privacy is respected and protected.

  • Please take a little time to read this notice. It will give you an understanding of how we use and protect your personal information.

    Personal information is any information we could use to identify you, such as your name, contact details and date of birth. This information is sometimes referred to as ‘personal data’.

    You provide certain personal information to us when you use our services. We may also collect information about you from your school or when you visit our website. This data is only used to provide you with the services that have been requested.

    When using these services we may collect, use, process and transfer your personal information as set out in this notice.

    We will only use your personal information in line with this Privacy Notice and our cookie policy.

  • We follow the rules set out in Data Protection Laws and will process your information in line with those rules.

  • You may have the same rights as adults under different Data Protection Laws depending on where you live.

    • If you live in the UK or the EEA, click here.
    • If you live in Australia, click here.
    • If you live in Hong Kong, click here.
    • If you live in the US, click here.

    You can also find full details of your rights in relation to the personal information we hold about you in our main Tes Privacy Policy.

    If you do not fully understand your rights after reading them, please ask a parent, adult (18 years and above), guardian or carer to explain them to you.

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  • Our carefully selected partners help us to ensure you are provided with the best possible services, so we may need to share some of your personal information with them to be able to do this.

    Before sharing your information with our partners, we make sure we have a written agreement with them to ensure that your data is protected.

    Only the people who need to see your information will be able to do so.

  • In some cases, we may track how you use our services, for example, how many times you log in and at what times. This is only so we can look at improving our services.

    In relation to some of the services we provide, your information may also be viewed by school staff members and/ or your parents.

  • We will only keep your information for as long as it is needed to provide you with our services or meet other legal requirements.

  • We have taken lots of steps to keep your information secure and we review these steps regularly to ensure they are still working well.

  • Most of your personal information is stored in the United Kingdom (the UK), the European Economic Area (the EEA), or Australia.

    Sometimes we may need to share your information with our partners who may be in other parts of the world, but we will always make sure we take steps to protect your information.

  • We may change this Privacy Notice from time to time. We would like you to check it regularly to ensure that you are happy with any changes.

  • If you are not happy or have any questions regarding this Privacy Notice, you can ask your parents, an adult (18 years and above), guardian or carer to contact us, or you can do this yourself.

    The email address is: or you can write to us at: Tes Global Limited, Building 3 St Pauls Place, Norfolk Street, Sheffield, England, S1 2JE, United Kingdom.

    If you live in the EEA, please contact our EU Representative:

    Their email address is:

    Postal address: The DPO Centre Europe, Alexandra House, 3 Ballsbridge Park, Dublin, D04C 7H2, Ireland.

    Telephone: +353 1 631 9460.