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02nd December 2019
Christmas Secondary Lessons Activities Whole School

Bring Christmas into your classroom with these one-off festive themed lessons

With a packed curriculum, it’s sometimes hard to find time to both plan and teach seasonal activities. But this year it can and will be possible, thanks to the generosity of teachers (aka Christmas elves) on Tes. We’ve pulled together a collection of one-off lessons and activity ideas to help you spread festive joy and keep learners engaged in the run up to the holidays.

Whole School 

DIY Christmas Ornaments | 10 Pack

Color and make your own Christmas tree ornaments with this set of 10 fun holiday templates!

These DIY Christmas ornament templates are easy for anyone to make. Just print, color, cut, fold, glue to make your 3D decorations to hang on your Christmas tree or sit as a centerpiece on your table for Christmas dinner!

This coloring pack includes 10 different designs, each fits on a 8.5x11 inch page (letter size) to fit most printers. The coloring page designs vary in complexity so there's an option suitable for all ages and skill levels.

Basic instructions are included on each page.
By Sarah Renae Clark

Christmas quiz - Dingbats

Included in your download is a Christmas themed Dingbats quiz sheet, instructions on how to play/ideas on how to use in the classroom and a full answer sheet.

Dingbats is very literally a game of ‘say what you see’!

Use as a starter, plenary, part of a quiz, form-time fun or simply as a fun activity as a class, in teams or for individuals.

Print the sheet out and present to students (recommended A4 and colour recommended for one of the dingbats to make sense) or pop on the whiteboard.

If purchased - please review!

Thankyou :-)

By history_quizmaster

English & MFL

A Christmas Carol Introduction

An introductory lesson on Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, that initially focuses on contextual understanding before moving on to analyse the character of Ebenezer Scrooge. An ideal first lesson back for your KS3 or KS4 students. Fully differentiated throughout.

By Lead_Practitioner

Spanish Christmas Sudoku

A fun activity to practise Christmas-related vocabulary.

Vocabulary included:

- Reno
- Reyes magos
- El belén
- Roscón de reyes
- Estrella
- Árbol de navidad
- Turrón
- Villancico
- Regalo

Answers included!
By tplanas

Christmas Bingo

For that week before Xmas when students can't settle! Great for practicing listening skills or for practicing classroom vocabulary in any language. This set includes 30 color bingo game boards and a teacher’s master board. Whole class activity or small groups - students practice listening skills and reviewing vocab. Perfect for a group of fast finishers or for a substitute lesson.
By LlanguageLlamas

Weihachten Noel Navidad

Sheets and plans for cross curricular day on christmas with an MFL theme. More vocab than needed so we could focus on one area -traditions, food, etc. great sing along carols on you tube and info quests. Combining with RS who are going to do something on Christingle. Sheets are all works in progress but may save someone, somehwere some time. french and spanish powerpoint also a work in progress but have uploaded today. Will update as we trial and refine etc...
By annelouisep


Christmas Coordinates

Christmas Coordinates: 4 Quadrant - Elf (5x5mm) 1 Quadrant - Rudolf (5x5mm) 1 Quadrant - Santa (5x5mm) 1 Quadrant (SEN Friendly) - Rudolf (1x1cm) 1 Quadrant (SEN Friendly) - Frosty (1x1cm) 1 Quadrant (SEN Friendly) - Holly (1x1cm) Enjoy!!! When i get a chance will make the following. 1 Quadrant (SEN Friendly) - Christmas Pudding (1x1cm) 1 Quadrant - Mistletoe (5x5mm) 1 Quadrant - Fireplace (5x5mm) 2 Quadrant - Holly (5x5mm) 2 Quadrant - Angel (5x5mm) 2 Quadrant - Tree and Presents (5x5mm) 4 Quadrant - Robin (5x5mm) 4 Quadrant - Frosty (5x5mm)
By DNewley

The Great Elf Game

A great Christmas activity, requires money calculations, probability & percentages. The excel spreadsheet needs to be printed or it could be done in a computer room. I hope all of the hyperlink work, I got fed up of checking them!! My first share so please rate and comment.
By slambell

Reindeer Rides

This is an activity using Reindeer Rides as the theme, pupils need to run their own Reindeer Rides business and see if they can make any money. I have named the two places for the Reindeer Rides as local to the school, so you will want to change them. I have adapted a fabulous resource (not sure where from) called Lobster Pots into this.
By robinsonj

Christmas maths revision activities - Area of circles, BIDMAS and Expanding brackets

Activities to consolidate learning / revision with a Christmas theme.
Area of circle - Students find the area of circles / semi-circles for the snowman and then cut out and stick the snowman onto the snow scene.

Expanding brackets - Students use their knowledge of expanding brackets to find the area of the front of each present then stick the presents underneath the Christmas tree.

BIDMAS - Students use BIDMAS to discover the combination number for Santa's magic key.
By j2dutto

Science & Computing

Science of Xmas Quiz

A 16 question multiple choice quiz on the science of Christmas Round 1 - Father Christmas Round 2 - Reindeer Round 3 - Stars Round 4 - Snow Its a mildly educational quiz to do in the run up to Christmas.
By russellarnott

Christmas mega pack of activities, and Christmas fun quizzes . Xmas. Updated 2019. Best seller.

UPDATED AND IMPROVED 28th November 2019. Very popular and great fun Christmas Activities and Quizzes. Great value, Over 300 slides, pick and choose from 12 interesting, fun and entertaining Christmas rounds: *Maths *English *Christmas itself *Films & Video *Observation *Physics *Geography *Pop music *Sport/PE *Thinking *Biology *Chemistry *Identify the song * Xmas songs. Lots of Christmas cracker Jokes throughout. Very Christmassy from start to finish ! This is ALL you need for ALL your Christmas lessons from ages 8 to 18, buy and relax !

Lots of xmas quiz questions, activities, high quality Christmas images, videos, music, up and about games etc, 300+ fun power point slides (which took approximately 35+ hours of work to create although this was spread over many years as I have happily and successfully used this every Christmas for many years). Fun, enjoyable, entertaining. All answers are provided and different students take turns to run the show, so you can catch up and relax for a change ! Based around Christmas throughout, fun and engaging, you choose which of the 12 rounds you like the best, or use them all with different classes, or better still, let the kids vote for which of the 12 rounds they would like to do! 

PLEASE NOTE: The images in the actual PowerPoint are very high quality but the preview images tes have created are messy with text in the wrong places and the wrong size, the real powerpoint files are top quality.

Great fun for you, great fun for your classes !

Can be used with all abilities and all age groups from 8 to 18

Happy Christmas, and most sincere best wishes of the season to you all !! ! :-)

Happy teaching,

Please note - as I’m not teaching full time after being ill this causes some financial issues to myself and my family so this year any money raised from this resource is not going to charity. Hopefully in years to come this situation will change for the better.

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By barclayfox

Small Basic - Christmas Assessment

Who says we can't have festive fun in Computing.
If you are teaching Small Basic (free coding software from Microsoft) then how about a Christmas assessment for KS3 with If Then Else. Teaching Selection has never been more festive!
Try the worksheet and then set the assessment - Mark Scheme and code provided.
HO - HO - HO!
By Manique12

Python Naughty/Nice Christmas Program

KS3 or 4 task python program with assessed levels. Includes use of Variables and While function. Basic code is provided and instructions for students to perform adaptations with increasing levels of difficulty. Suitable for beginners or those with some experience. Probably better as a starter task for the more able.

By uselessnerdII


Christmas around the world

Hopefully a nice end of term activity! A booklet of information about how different countries celebrate Christmas which could have many uses - one of which could be a design your own international Christmas card task. Could be used to design wordsearches/quizzes/crosswords too. Happy Christmas Geographers!
By blackfriary

Key Stage 3 History Christmas Quiz

Need a Christmas quiz? Want it to take up the whole lesson? Want it to also be educational? Look no further!

This includes 20 questions with multiple choices answers. The PowerPoint is set up to go through the questions and then also the answers which are highlighted in red when you go fullscreen and click through the slides. This also includes a quiz answer sheet for pairs/groups to use. Happy Holidays everyone!
By Tomst

Teachers TV: World War I Christmas Truce

The first world war Christmas truce re-enacted for KS3/4 history.
A group of students watch actors reenact the first world war Christmas truce in this video resource designed for use in secondary history lessons. Costumed actors dramatise the truce that took place between British and German troops in 1914 on the battlefields of Ypres in Belgium.
By Teachers TV

Christmas Around the World Webquest

This Christmas webquest is the perfect activity to keep kids engaged in learning during those crazy days before the holiday break! They will explore ten other cultures and their holiday traditions.

For each country they visit, students will complete a travel brochure. Inside the brochure, they will record information about the country and its Christmas traditions. Before beginning, give each student a copy of the “Pack Your Bags” page. This sheet gives them a list of websites to visit in order to find the information they’ll need.

You can have students complete just one country or all ten. Another idea is to put students into groups and assign a country to each group. When finished, they can share their travel brochure with the rest of the class.

✪ Pack Your Bags student instructions
✪ Brochure template
✪ "Stamps" for 10 different countries
By FishyTeacher


Electronic Christmas Card Project.

This is KS3 project which combines wood work skills, electronics (soldering skills, circuit, components & colour-coded resistors), 2D design, graphics and product design (a net, packaging and packaging symbols), including homework tasks. It helps students to work individually and as a team, to peer-assess each other’s work, to test & critically evaluate. In addition, it teaches the use of tally charts, bar charts & flow charts.
By maria anikina

Free Christmas Cracker Template

Color and make your own Christmas Crackers with this free printable template!

These DIY Christmas Crackers are easy for anyone to make. Just print, color, cut, fold, glue and fill with all your favorite goodies!

If you’d like more designs, you can upgrade to my pack of 8 Christmas Crackers, or check out my huge Christmas Coloring Bundle: https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/coloring-christmas-printable-activity-pack-11743369
By Sarah Renae Clark

Christmas cards - lino printing

Ideas and instructions to get students started on designing a lino cut to make and print their own Christmas or seasonal cards.
By JenEmptage

Pantomime Script - The Inspection Before Christmas

A quick and easy Christmas pantomime

Suitable for ages 7-16 (or could make a great staff panto!)

Would make a great one-off christmas activity, or could be extended over half a term.

Leads to a 20 - 30 minute performance

14 written roles can be expanded or reduced to suit your group. All roles can be played by either gender.

Minimal props and costumes, though these can be given more attention if time allows.

A great little play that your kids, staff and parents will love!
By obsteve

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