Target setting for secondary students

Encourage secondary pupils to see the value in target setting with these hand-picked evaluation tools and activities

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Targets for SMART target setting with secondary students

Hand-picked resources to encourage students to evaluate their progress and set meaningful targets

Although target setting is a crucial part of getting learners to reflect on their work and develop their potential, it can be a lot harder to convince them that it's worthwhile. Making sure that their targets are clear, concise and most importantly, achievable will help to focus attention and boost your pupils' confidence in any subject.

That’s why we’ve selected some of the top resources that will get your students to think about their progress beyond the generic answer of “I need to do better”.

Whole-class and student-led activities

SMART target worksheet

SMART target worksheet

An ideal resource that promotes indpenedent learners within the classroom. The resource can be edited and is ideal for workshop/ coursework lessons. It has been praised by Ofsted for embedding targets, measuring progress and promoting indpendent learning.
Target Setting

Target Setting

Target setting - Careers Activities and Worksheets. Suitable for KS3 or KS4 students. A small pack of classroom-ready Careers activities that will enthuse and engage students. Could be used as part of your PSHE Curriculum offer or Character Education & Careers and Finance or a nice way to li...

Subject specific and teacher-led target setting

Marking Stickers (9-1) With Effort

Marking Stickers (9-1) With Effort

Marking stickers with effort gauge, a level 9-1 thermometer and space for www, ebi and pupil feedback. Set up for 2 by 4 sticker sheets, but just as good on paper with a glue stick to hand.
MFL Target Setting Made Easy

MFL Target Setting Made Easy

Coded target bank to help you set short, achievable targets when marking student work. Simply check the target bank and write the appropriate codes in the pupils' books e.g. T14. When you return work, ask pupils to refer to the target bank to see what they need to do to improve their work. This is h...