Target setting for secondary students

Sian Evans
08th December 2017
Top resources for setting targets with KS3 and KS4 students, including Smart targets and meaningful goals

Hand-picked resources to encourage students to evaluate their progress and set meaningful targets

Although target setting is a crucial part of getting learners to reflect on their work and develop their potential, it can be a lot harder to convince them that it's worthwhile. Making sure that their targets are clear, concise and most importantly, achievable will help to focus attention and boost your pupils' confidence in any subject.

That’s why we’ve selected some of the top resources that will get your students to think about their progress beyond the generic answer of “I need to do better”.

Whole-class activities

Introduce your students to Smart target setting with this detailed presentation, or use this simple slideshow as a starting point to spark insightful mind map work as your class think about goals both in and outside of school.

For older learners, break down future goals into short- and long-term targets using this activity pack, which is ideal for KS4 students who are thinking about their exams. Plus, this goal-setting lesson is a great way to focus thoughts on self-development and behavioural improvement.

SMART target setting powerpoint

Used with Y7 through to Y11 - examples of how to set SMART targets

If this is useful, then let me know.
By bringhurstand

Target and goal setting: PSHE task - mindmap

Task which encourages students to create a mind-map of their goals in and outside of school.
By maz1

Going for gold! Plan for your future goals

“Going for gold” is a classroom topic about how to plan for short and long term goals. It helps students to understand that planning for their goals is an important step in achieving them, and that breaking down a long term goal into smaller steps will help to keep them on track and make their more complex goals achievable. Students will try out a goal planning exercise and reflect on how this could be useful to them in the future.
This topic supports the learning outcomes in the Association for Careers Education and Guidance (ACEG) framework for career and work-related learning at Key Stage 4 but can be used with a range of groups depending on their needs and abilities, and provides good evidence of lesson planning. Two files are included with this topic. The first file is a lesson plan, worksheets and suggested running order for the activities. The lesson plan also includes differentiated learning goals, reflective questions and a “before and after” review of learning relating to this topic. The second file is a slide show presentation which can be used with a whiteboard or pc/laptop and projector, to add structure to the lesson for students. The slideshow has the same running order as the lesson plan, and includes modern and striking imagery to appeal to young adult learners.
By knowledgeandskills

Target Setting : PSHE / Tutor Time Activities

Citizenship/PSHE resources: 1 hour PP, worksheets, clips, well differentiated - enabling any class to set their own smart targets for any subject. KS3/ KS4
These resources have been designed to be engaging, detailed and easy to follow. All our resources are editable (so easy to adapt for your classes) and are designed to last one hour each.
You can find many more inexpensive and free PSHE, Citizenship and RE resources at my shop: EC_Resources
Or you can check out some of our most popular PSHE, Citizenship and RE resources below:
Mental Health PSHE Bundle
1 Whole Year of PSHE Resources
British Values Citizenship Bundle
Careers, Employment and Enterprise Bundle
Islam Bundle
Sex and Relationships Education
By EC Resources

Resources for students

Encourage individuals to take responsibility for their own progression with this target-setting logbook or these easy-to-use templates, which can guide learners as they self-assess their attitude to work and plan for the future.

Highlight the importance of targets to GCSE students with this aptly-named “moment of truth” worksheet, before challenging them to address their concerns and act upon them. Alternatively, integrate Smart goal setting into the realities of answering exam questions using this adaptable learning mat.

Target Setting Logbook

Goal Setting, Short-term, Long-term
By klins01

Target and Target Review Worksheets

Two useful ready made documents to help target setting with your learners. The first template gives an example SMART target with two blank target templates for learners to write in their targets paying special attention to how they plan to achieve them, when they will do it and how we will know it is achieved. The second worksheet/template allows learners who are set targets throughout the year to recall current targets, review their progress and achievement and then set or add in new targets. Great templates to use in tutorial. These worksheets would work perfectly with my target bank resources enabling students to set their own SMART targets with ease.
By islaflood

Moment of truth - target setting

The teacher document explains how the students should go about this... Developed from a marketing/branding ideas, it gets students (I used it at beginning of GCSE/Y10, although could be used at other significant points!), to consider worries/fears/set targets etc. I used this for the first time this year, and have revisited throughout the year - good results. Let me know what you think.
By Miss_s_k

GCSE PE - Goal Setting

A learning mat for students to work through on Goal Setting, designed for the Edexcel specification. Print and photocopy in A3 size. For more resources follow on Twitter: @kuppal82
By kuppal

Teacher-led target setting

Along with encouraging students to set their own targets, ensure that your feedback offers straight-forward, achievable goals for continuous progression. Coded target banks, as used in this MFL resource, can quickly provide pupils with objectives for common mistakes, while these levelled marking stickers can be used for personal targets and to track progress visually.

Take this one step further by using these maths target tasks, which test learners' specific problem areas by getting them to address and learn from them straightaway. Equally, this target bank for literacy will make it much easier for you to set small goals as part of written feedback.    

MFL Target Setting Made Easy

Coded target bank to help you set short, achievable targets when marking student work. Simply check the target bank and write the appropriate codes in the pupils' books e.g. T14. When you return work, ask pupils to refer to the target bank to see what they need to do to improve their work. This is helpful for establishing student-teacher dialogue through feedback.
By monsieurctd

Marking Stickers (9-1) With Effort

Marking stickers with effort gauge, a level 9-1 thermometer and space for www, ebi and pupil feedback. Set up for 2 by 4 sticker sheets, but just as good on paper with a glue stick to hand.
By stephen2107

Target Task Sticker Collection Maths KS3/4

In order to make my marking more relevant to individual students' needs, while at the same time maintaining a certain amount of work/life balance, I have started a bank of Maths stickers designed to help me write less, while marking more. Ofsted commented last week, Jan 2015, that it also allows students to raise their own concerns and questions, thereby displaying progress over time in an outstanding manner, developing their communication skills, and pushing their learning outside of the students' comfort zones. If they are of any use to you, please feel free to alter/adapt as you see fit.
By crazy-canuck

English/Literacy Marking Targets

A bank of comments to have to hand when marking for English/Literacy.
By RojoResources

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