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08th March 2019
Secondary student organising their workload

Help pupils to develop the skills to become independent learners with these hand-selected resources

It’s no surprise that many students become more engaged in their learning when they have some control over the subjects they study. So as they get older, it’s especially important that they have the skills to be able to manage their studies effectively. 

We’ve picked out a collection of lesson plans and practical activities to help you to promote these skills and, hopefully, help them to become lifelong learners in the process.

Time management

Managing your time

These materials are brought to you by the Tesco Youth Academy - helping young people develop key skills to prepare them for the workplace. To access more free resources visit www.tescoyouthacademy.co.uk. Young people who have completed this topic will: - Know what it means to be effective - Know how to identify whether a task is urgent and / or important and respond appropriately - Explain how to use tools for self-organisation (e.g. calendar, day planner) to help achieve tasks and goals.
By TescoYouthAcademy

Time management

powerpoint and three worksheets (quiz, information and self evaluation task) with activities relating to getting KS4 and KS5 students to think about time management, this lesson can be delivered in a tutorial before making a revision timetable.
By leighbee23

Learning Styles Activity

Ever wondered how much your students are actually learning? Ever thought some students just weren't 'getting it'? Ever felt like your students haven&'t been listening to you? Do this simple activity with them (individually or as a whole class) and see if you find any answers. Basic questions to see if students prefer to learn visually, by listening, or by getting 'hands-on'.
By Scott Versace

Revision techniques

A sheet summarising different revision techniques that can be used by students. Arranged roughly in order of those techniques for learning facts and simple processes, down to more complex processes and analysing performance in exam questions.
By LittleMissScience

Study skills

Skimming and Scanning

Activity I use as a starter to get students to practice skimming and scanning for particular information. The way it works: - hand students a copy of sheet one (with all the words) - ask them to find answers to specific questions e.g. 'Find me a funny shaped fruit&' or &';find me something you would wear to school.' etc - first one to put up hand with right answers wins a point.
By smumford10

Reading skills KS4

A good way of practising close reading skills.. these resources are: 1. a selection of openings to novels; can be used in a number of ways.. with frameworks to develop close reading skills, dicussion, when beginning a novel with a particular effective opening. 2. powerpoint for reading lesson; memory game starter included and circuit training activity complete with self timer built in- open it to see! 3. extracts to be used in activity explained in powerpoint… works a treat, i promise!

By Miss_s_k

Information and Ideas: Summarising Skills

A lesson for low ability KS4 students doing OCR's I and I exam. Focusing on how to summarise.
By L Chew

Summarising text

A template to assist summarising or condensing any piece of text or extract. Would be suitable for a range of theory/content heavy subjects. For each paragraph/section students write down two trigger words and expand upon their significance in the box beside it. Once completed they join with a learning partner and fold their worksheet so that only the two trigger words are visible. Students must then verbalise their learning to one another and then feedback what they have be taught by their partner.
By samueljames87

Revision Timetables

Revision Timetabling made simple!

I was horrified to find my year 11's had no idea how to revise or build a timetable, hence my making this resource! Hope it helps!!! I've used it with year 9 upwards....
By ninajayneowen

Year 11 Exam revision timetable personalised

This revision timetable can be personalised for any student, any class, any school. I havent password protected the sheets, but I would suggest you protect them all before you publish this to anyone. This has gone down VERY well with parents, students, and staff alike. How to: Add subjects needed on subject tab Add details on 'full timetable' tab
By becobbold

Combined Science Edexcel 9-1: mock exam interactive revision schedule

Revision timetable and resource bank. To use: print and give to the students, put it up in the lab, send it home to parents or publish as an electric copy.

QR codes and hyperlinked topic titles take the students to a revision resource (mostly BBC Bitesize), on most days there is a key diagram and a selection of subtopics to revise.

This resource is designed to chunk the challenge of revision, giving students two months to revise every topic required for the mock exam that Edexcel are using to calibrate results. The calendar starts on the first of March and goes up until two days before the first exam.

Revising is a vital skill that many teachers neglect to teach their pupils. Most students struggle to plan their revision and rely on pre-exam cramming, as these students will not sit their final exam this year we need to ensure we help them retain the information. Spreading it out like this makes it an achievable challenge and will help them with long-term retention.
By ScienceMastery

Revision Timetable

I made this for a Pastoral lesson with my Y11's to get them organised for their upcoming GCSE exams.
Feel free to alter the PowerPoint as you wish and edit the timetable to suit your school hours.
Hope this is useful for people...enjoy!
Please leave a comment.
By davidtomlin


Mindfulness for Year 10 and 11

This is the introduction and the first three sessions of a Mindfulness scheme that is aimed at young people pre-exam period. Further sessions and the full scheme of work will follow shortly.
Follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mindfulcoachrbs/
Thank you

By Mindfulness-for-Young-People

Mindfulness. Mindful and Creative Learning. Mega Pack - 40 worksheets for £1.99

Mindfulness Worksheets -a new concept! Each worksheet provides an opportunity for students to gently work stress-free on a range of activities, which will gently stir their creativity and help them be in a good mood to learn. These worksheets are unique and start with them grading a joke from A to D, then an inspiring quote to mark out of 20, then list their top three things on the given topic, answer the 'big question' plus some gentle literacy activities, such as name 5 sports beginning with B and make a sentence using these letters. A doodle and creative drawing on a random topic will help reach most parts of their brain. A nice activity for Form Time too. Year 5 to Sixth Form. Ages 7 - 107.
A pdf file with 40 A4 worksheets. Cheaper of free samples available in 'My Shop'
By creative-moments

Learning to Relax

Healthy lifestyles/PSHE - Importance of relaxation and useful relaxation techniques
By allenk

Knowledge Organisers 

AQA GCSE English Language Exam Revision Knowledge Organiser

A two page exam revision mat outlining how to approach the sections and skills for the AQA GCSE English Language exams, Papers 1 and 2. Ideal for walking talking mocks; as a student revision resource or classroom display. NB: If you visit our profile page, we also have a 20 page exam revision and practice papers booklet for £3.
By Debbie Morgan

Selection of Maths Revision Learning Mats covering lower-end Higher Topics

12 separate worksheets which focus on the lower end of the higher specification. Sheets are best used when photocopied up to A3. Topics are revised through a selection of created questions, and past exam questions.

Appropriate for Year 10 and 11 Set 2 and 3.
By Dan Scovell

Knowledge Organiser AQA A Level Biology- biological molecules

Knowledge Organiser AQA A Level Biology
Use as revision
Individual Knowledge Organisers for each topic
-Biological Molecules
By Shannon061117

New AQA GCSE Atomic Structure revision poster 2018 exam

This is a revision poster based on the first chemistry topic in the new AQA Trilogy course. It could be used as a support placemat throughout lessons, but I tend to give pupils these as a revision summary at the end of the topic. It contains keywords for the topic and information for each of the subsections. It is very text heavy, so may only be suitable for higher ability pupils, which is the group I am teaching. I have pulled ideas together from similar formats already on TES. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
By paulamac29

9-1 British Medicine: Surgery in the Industrial Revolution Revision Sheet

GCSE British Medicine Through Time
New 2016 Specification
Grades 9-1
Can be used for AQA, Edexcel, OCR or iGCSE exam boards.

Revision/summary sheet covering the progress in surgery during the Industrial Revolution (Antiseptics, Anaesthetic and Aseptic Surgery) including the key individuals James Simpson and Joseph Lister

Part of Medieval 1750-1900 Medicine topic.

Please see my other lessons & resources
Feedback welcome!
By MrThorntonTeach

GCSE AQA 9-1 Tectonic Hazards Knowledge Organiser and Revision Summaries , Chile and Nepal.

A ready to use resource with no preparation required.

Complete knowledge organiser and revision summary that covers the Natural Hazards and Tectonics Hazards section of the AQA 9-1 GCSE. Contains in a concise and easy to follow format with all the information required, including the subject specific vocabulary. The resource is easily editable to suit your needs but an easy to distribute PDF version is also included.

Contrasting examples are Chile and Nepal. A blank editable comparison table is also included if you have used different examples or want students to create their own.

By Stephen Bennett

French/ English AQA GCSE Vocabulary

We found this resource on TES resources, but added the meanings in English of all the words to make it easier for students to use.
By hmgushaits

Spanish conversation speaking mat

I created this resource with other trainee teachers. It's a general speaking mat to encourage students to converse in Spanish, whether it's everyday classroom language and conversation or a debate. Some phrases may also help with their writing.

Happy teaching!

Knowledge organiser / Think It Mat for GCSE AQA German. Home town, neighbourhood and region.

Knowledge organiser / Think It Mat for GCSE AQA German. Home town, neighbourhood and region. This double sided A4 document has all of the AQA GCSE vocabulary plus ways of learning them on one side. On the other side, there are suggested structures (by grade 1-9). This resource is very good for year 11s who are reviewing past work or students who are just covering this topic. Use in conjunction with the self testing methods recommended.
By HJPembrey

Old Specification - GCSE PE Topics on a Page AQA

I’ve adapted these from a specific company, as I felt they needed to be in colour and were missing a number of key areas on the pages, so I’ve added extra pages and information. These cover all of AQA GCSE PE theory topics and units. You can adapt them for end of topic/unit revision aids, or put them on the back of literacy mats on tables to enhance teaching and learning, as A3 posters, etc.

By AmyFrain

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