Encouraging independent study at secondary

Nicola Davison
15th June 2017
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Help pupils to develop the skills to become independent learners with these hand-selected resources

It’s no surprise that many students become more engaged in their learning when they have some control over the subjects they study. So as they get older, it’s especially important that they have the skills to be able to manage their studies effectively. 

We’ve picked out a collection of lesson plans and practical activities to help you to promote these skills and, hopefully, help them to become lifelong learners in the process.

Managing themselves

Being able to manage time effectively is vital in ensuring that there is enough space in the week to be able to work, rest and play. Ideal as a starting point, this introductory presentation includes a prioritisation activity and ideas for staying organised. Students can apply it to their own learning in this reflective lesson*.

When it comes to note taking and revision, it can be useful for pupils to understand their preferred style of learning. Why not help them to identify their habits using this quick quiz? They can use this knowledge to identify the most useful revision techniques from the selection on this comprehensive sheet.

Developing specific skills

The ability to find and retrieve information by skimming and scanning texts is vital in making research more efficient. This simple starter activity offers the chance for pupils to explore what this involves, while this adaptable lesson not only gets them practising the skills, but also identifying the attributes of a successful reader.

In a similar vein, it can also be useful for students to know how to summarise information. This editable lesson explains the concept and comes with a number of engaging tasks. Once the basics are understood, this talk-based template* offers another unique way of putting this into practice, especially in content-heavy lessons.

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This post was originally published on 5 January 2017, and was refreshed on 15 June 2017.

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